Friday, May 24, 2013

Catch a Falling Star review

Title:  Catch a Falling Star
Author:  Beth K. Vogt
Pages:  310
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Howard Books
                Catch a Falling Star is a contemporary Christian romance story set in Colorado.  Griffin Walker is a 38-year-old Air Force pilot, who has been grounded due to unexplained vertigo.  He has been assigned desk duty until a medical exam can be performed that will either ground him for good or clear him to fly, which he loves to do.  Unexpectedly, he is also shackled with his 16-year-old adopted brother.  His parents died in a plane crash, having named Griffin as Ian’s guardian.  Griffin is single, has moved around a lot in the past, lives out of a duffle bag and eats fast food…a lot.  He has no idea how to take care of someone else let alone a teenage boy.  He longs to send him back to Florida to live with a friend under the guise that it would be in Ian’s best interests.  Griffin is a relatively new Christian and has some unresolved guilt and anger.  He is still learning new things in his Christian walk.  Can Griffin forgive himself?  Will he be able to form a family with Ian?
                Kendall is a 36-year-old physician who runs a family practice and she also specializes in allergies.  She longs for a serious relationship, but has never felt worthy to be chosen.  No guys have ever chosen her, and at her age, probably never will.  Then, suddenly, she has two guys in her life, one because he wants to be and one who tolerates her friendship.   Heath Parker says he is falling in love with her after only a few dates.  He is a doctor and they have a lot in common.  He would be the wise choice for her heart.  Griffin is too stand-offish and stubborn.  Kendall soon finds out which guy she can really trust as she becomes the subject of an investigation by the police.  She has been unknowingly used as a front due to her good reputation and standing in the community.  Who would do this to her?  Doesn’t God know how much she wants to be married and have a family?  Why can’t any guy ever find her good enough to chose?
                This book was an okay read.  The ending was predictable and there wasn’t much action or intense conflict against the “bad” guy.  I did like that the characters relied on God and weren’t afraid to show that aspect of themselves to others, even nonbelievers.  I didn’t really think the storyline with Evie, Kendall’s receptionist, added much to the story.  This wasn’t a bad story; it just was not very exciting.
My rating is 3 stars.
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