Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Every Hill & Mountain by Deborah Heal

Title:  Every Hill and Mountain (Time and Again Series Book #3)
Author:  Deborah Heal   
Pages:  278
Year:  2013
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
                Well done!  Here is the last installment of the series which concludes with hope, redemption and open-ended futures for the characters.  I read Time and Again (Book #1) followed by Unclaimed Legacy (Book #2) and while I enjoyed both of those novels, this last novel takes the cake!  The novel is mixture of many themes and subplots all taking place in various parts of Illinois.  In case you haven’t read the others. I would suggest reading the prior novels first as they set the stage for Every Hill and Mountain.
                The basic storyline is a computer program is discovered that is able to show the history of a house including former occupants in different eras.  At first, Merri used her computer to help her with the tutoring she was receiving from Abby.  Abby worked with Merri as a summer project for her degree.  When she first met Merri, all she could imagine was returning home to her parents.  As the summer progresses, the computer’s special program begins to take center stage as it introduces history in a unique way though not all history is pleasant to witness by Abby or Merri.
                In the final novel, Katy comes to where Abby is living for the summer with news that she is now engaged, and the adventure takes off once again.  In order for the program to work, the computer must be near historic places giving those watching the opportunity to time travel and witness events first hand.  Abby has tried to explain the programs uniqueness to Katy, but until Katy experiences it herself, she is doubtful to say the least.  Katy’s fiancé Ryan seems to have ulterior motives for accompanying Katy for this trip that later comes to light.  Katy is looking to complete her genealogy in order to paint a mural of her family tree.  What she didn’t expect is where her research is going to take her let alone reveal to her.
                When I began the novel, I knew it was going to be the best of the three as each book was better than the predecessor.  For those who love novels portraying the Underground Railroad and Illinois history, these are for you.  The novels kept getting more intriguing along with the strong message of everyone’s need for Jesus as well as Jesus being such a wonderful Redeemer.  Each of the characters in the story is unique, refreshing and transparent.  One part of the novel shows the difference between the blessings of waiting for marriage contrasted with not waiting, though because of Christ a repentant person can begin anew.  What love God has shown us and continues to show us, both historically and in our present day if we will open the eyes of our hearts and see!  I sure hope you make time to read the novel and share!
                My rating is 5 stars.
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