Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last Chance for Justice

Title:  Last Chance for Justice:  A Bloomfield Novel
Author:  Kathy Macias
Pages:  301
Year:  2013
Publisher:  B & H Publishing Group
                Lynn Myers and her daughter Rachel set out from their home to settle the estate of Lynn’s recently deceased older brother Myron.  They arrive in Bloomfield, Illinois at Myron’s creepy house that is situation right next to a cemetery.  There is a cantankerous old caretaker named Jason who has prepared the house for their arrival.  They both hope to be in town for about a week.  Lynn is unsure what her welcome will be after leaving her hometown 35 years ago to marry at the young age of 18.  Rachel is unsure what to do with the rest of her life as she has just graduated from Bible college.
                Once settled in the house, Jason informs them of a mystery Myron was working on up until his death.  He had asked Jason to tell his sister about the mystery so she could try to solve it.  Rachel is enthusiastic about solving the mystery, but Lynn doesn’t want to stay around to do so.  She is anxious to get back to her home as she doesn’t like change.  They soon discover Myron’s journals and read them, but discover no new information to help them in their search.  A man’s reputation has been sullied for several decades as people thought him a liar and a thief.  Myron believed in his innocence and soon Rachel and Lynn do too.  How can they prove it?  What happened to the money?
                Rachel along the way is pursued by two handsome young men, one an accountant and one a youth pastor.  Rachel receives timely reminders from her mother to make sure a relationship with either man is God’s will and not hers.  Lynn receives reminders from her daughter to pray before making decisions.  They work together to clean Myron’s house, take care of each other and encourage each other.  Lynn is also reminded that peer pressure can only be effective if she allows it to be.  Is it God’s will for Lynn to move back to Bloomfield?
                This novel was slow-moving and had very little action.  I did like the mother and daughter relationship dynamic and their guidance of one another to put God above all else.  It also was a pleasure to read about a young man thoroughly devoted to God.  I thought the mystery subject matter weak and the resolution of it not credible.
                My rating is 3 stars.
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