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Midwife Revolt by Jodi Daynard

Welcome to the next stop on the review tour for The Midwife’s Revolt by Jodi Daynard.

“A charming, unexpected, and decidedly different view of the Revolutionary War.”
—Publishers Weekly

Book Description: The Midwife’s Revolt takes the reader on a journey to the founding days of America. It follows one woman’s path, Lizzie Boylston, from her grieving days of widowhood after Bunker Hill, to her deepening friendship with Abigail Adams and midwifery, and finally to her dangerous work as a spy for the Cause. A novel rich in historical detail, The Midwife’s Revolt opens a window onto the real lives of colonial women.

Jodi Daynard’s historical fiction The Midwife’s Revolt has eared a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and praise from libraries, historical associations and is even featured at The Museum of the American Revolution.

“This humorous, exciting and touching story retells the familiar saga of the Revolutionary War in a stunning new way that feels fresh and alive.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Wow!  When I began reading the novel, I knew it would be an entrancing story told from first person point of view.  The midwife is a young woman who is lovingly referred to by her neighbors as Lizzie.  She is married to a farmer named Jeb, who came from a noble family just like Lizzie; however, they are both patriots to the core whereas their parents are Tories.
A unique characteristic is Lizzie talks to her readers.  She shares very openly her heart and experiences at a time when being a midwife wasn’t readily accepted.  Lizzie, being from another location, is viewed with suspicion by her neighbors with the exception of Abigail Adams.  As the conflict at that time increases, so does suspicion as to whom one can trust and whom one cannot that adds mystery to the narrative.  There are elements of love, forgiveness, secrets, truth and so much more.  Many characters are included to keep your attention all the way to the surprising ending.
There is more in the tale, which would best be enjoyed if you would curl up, read and enjoy the novel for yourself.  The daring adventures Lizzie takes and her will to not just survive during hardships, but thrive is the essence of our American spirit today.  Lizzie shares without the need of graphic details what her life as a midwife entails.  She shares so much of her woman’s spirit to help in any way while the men are fighting.  She faces her shortcomings with true repentance. 
I sit and wonder what it would have been like to be friends with Abigail Adams and others during the birthing of our nation.  The sacrifice the women made to send aid to the front, to support each other, care for each other and go for months without a word from their loved ones is amazing.  I can’t imagine how hard that really was at that time when now we have “instant” fixes, foods and more.  However, we don’t have “instant” abiding friendships that are forged through fire, time and willingness to risk our hearts.
I learned about the times as well as being a midwife that I never knew or even considered.  I, at times, envied the strength of character Lizzie showed when she was taking care of someone or learning to love her in-laws, even though they clearly shunned her.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself caught up in the story and waiting with hope that the author writes another novel with captivating characters, storyline and heart.
My rating is 5 stars!

About the Author: Jodi Daynard is a writer of fiction, essays, and criticism. Her work has appeared in numerous periodicals, including The New York Times Book Review, The Village Voice, The Paris Review, Agni, New England Review and in several anthologies. She is the author of The Place Within: Portraits of the American Landscape by 20 Contemporary Writers (W. W. Norton). Ms. Daynard’s essays have been nominated for several prizes and mentioned in Best American Essays. She has taught writing at Harvard University, M.I.T., and in the MFA program at Emerson College, and served for seven years as Fiction Editor at Boston Review. She is a member of the National Book Critics Circle, The National Women’s Book Association, and the Author’s Guild. The Midwife’s Revolt is her first novel.

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