Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Follow the Heart

Title:  Follow the Heart
Author:  Kaye Dacus
Pages:  298
Year:  2013
Publisher:  B&H Publishing Group
                Kate Dearing and her brother, Christopher, are given only one instruction from their father when they leave Philadelphia for England…marry for money.  Both siblings must marry someone of wealth to save the family they are leaving behind.  Their father has invested unwisely and lost all his money.  In a last ditch effort to avoid selling his home and letting everyone know they are destitute, he sends his two oldest children, Kate 27 years old and Christopher 24 years old, to live with their uncle, a baron in England.  The Great Exhibition of 1851 is being assembled as they arrive, but their uncle fears for their safety and advises them not to attend.  Christopher is disappointed as he is very interested in the Industrial Revolution.  He is a railroad lawyer and figures if he can’t marry for money, maybe he can marry for love and work to support himself and his bride.
                Once on English soil, the siblings soon fall in love with people completely below their social station in society’s eyes.  Kate is “on the shelf”, and with no dowry can’t be picky if any aristocratic gentleman offers for her hand in marriage.  Her uncle hosts a month-long house party, inviting eligible men for her to choose from and eligible ladies for Christopher to do the same.  Kate immediately finds herself the focus of a 40-year-old bachelor, who is a viscount.  Is he an answer to her prayer?  He is kind and attentive, but he doesn’t love her and she doesn’t love him.  Respect and admiration are enough to base a marriage on, right?  Kate’s heart belongs to the garden architect, Andrew Lawton.  He loves her, but will that be enough?  He can’t provide for Kate in the manner she is accustomed to and his future employment is in question.
                The reader sees Kate learn, after much heartache, the value of praying to God and listening for His answer.  She had been praying, telling God what she wanted to happen and getting no answers from God.  I can sure relate to having done that before!  This served as a reminder to me to pray for God’s will to be done, not mine.  I would have liked a little more action and little less gardening to take place in the story.  I did like the dual love stories of the brother and sister taking place at the same time.  The pages turn quickly and this makes for a pleasant way to spend an afternoon or two.
My rating is 3 stars.
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