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Seaside Harmony

Title:  Seaside Harmony (Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn)
Author:  Evangeline Kelley
Pages:  333
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Guideposts
                Seaside Harmony is a story about three sisters meeting in Nantucket for a 2-week vacation.  They have rented a house together and this visit is the first time they have returned to Nantucket since their mother died.  This is where they used to vacation as children and the memories flood back as they visit old haunts.  One of their favorite places, Misty Harbor Inn, has fallen on hard times.  This was the place to be seen at when the girls were young and on vacation.  You were really something if you could afford to go there.  Their mother dressed them up and took them there for tea.  What the girls remember most is that their mother’s dream was to own and operate an inn like Misty Harbor.  She shared this dream with her girls, telling them what she would cook, how she would decorate and other details.  Maybe they can just take a look inside and that will satisfy them…or maybe not.
                As the story progresses, Caroline, the oldest at age 61, decides she wants to buy the inn to make their mother’s dream come true.  She has never been one to follow through on her ideas, but always been a free spirit.  She has a history of getting everyone excited about some idea or another and then when everyone got on board, she was off to something new, leaving everyone else high and dry.  This especially upsets Gracie, who is just a couple of years younger.  Gracie likes everything in order and in its proper place.  She is a list-maker and likes to keep on-task to get everything done on her list.  Sam, who is the youngest at 52, is the peacemaker.  She has always adored Caroline and wanted to be just like her big sister growing up.  Caroline wants her two sisters to pool their inheritance money from their mother together with her own to buy the inn.  Sam soon comes around to Caroline’s way of thinking and decides to invest.  Gracie, however, is a much harder sell.  She eventually agrees to invest her money as well, but refuses to sell her home in Maine where she lived with her husband for 40 years.  Her husband died three years ago and she still misses him terribly.
                They are able to buy the inn and they are soon immersed in cleaning, painting, stripping old wallpaper, finding hidden treasures and searching the old mansion for secret rooms.  They discover some old postcards addressed to the wife of the man who originally built the house.  The postcards are from 1878-1880 and from a man named William.  Hannah is known to have mysteriously vanished from the house around 130 years ago, but no one knows what happened to her.  Can the sisters solve the mystery?  What do the mysterious numbers on the back of some of the postcards mean?  Can they work together despite their personalities?  Can they really make their mother’s dream become a reality?
                When I started this book, I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I kept reading and the pages started turning quicker and quicker.  I liked reading about the relationship of the sisters and how their skills really complemented one another in making the inn a home and in resolving their arguments.  I really want to find out what happened to Hannah and can’t wait to begin the next book in the series, Sunflower Summer.  This is just a charming book of the love of three sisters for each other, their mother and a dream.  They work hard to make the dream come true and to make a mansion feel like home.
My rating is 4 stars.
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