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Sunflower Summer (Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn #2)

Title:  Sunflower Summer (Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn #2)
Author:  Evangeline Kelley
Pages:  269
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Guideposts
                  Sunflower Summer picks up right where Seaside Harmony left off.  The sisters are frantically trying to get the inn completely ready for opening day.  Unexpectedly, they have a couple on their honeymoon who wants to come a week before the inn officially opens for guests.  The sisters agree they can’t afford to turn away paying guests, so they agree to accept the couple’s reservation.  Gracie is still splitting her time between the inn on Nantucket and her home in Maine.  Sam and Caroline are living at the inn year-round.  Caroline is missing her friendship with George and thinks about him often.  She is less spontaneous and more subdued.  She knows she hurt him deeply, but has she truly lost him as a friend?  How will her life change if George is no longer in it?
                  Gracie is elected to pick up their honeymooners from the ferry.  She soon notices tension between them.  Gracie shortly thereafter shares some advice and experience from her own life in the hope that these two young people just beginning their married life together will get started off on the right foot.  Sam is missing her daughter Jamie and can’t wait until Jamie’s college term is over and she can live at the inn for the summer.  Jamie is pursuing a degree in history and is interested in the mystery of Hannah Montague, who mysteriously vanished 130 years ago from the inn.  She also wants to solve the puzzle of the postcards previously discovered.  Are there more postcards to be found?  Is there any truth to the rumors that Hannah was a thief?  Are there really any secret rooms in the inn?  Well, in addition to these mysteries, there is the preparation to get the inn ready to open for customers and all the details that entails.  The sisters have put in so much work and money into refurbishing the inn to bring it back to its’ former glory.  Will they be a success?  Can they work together or will their differences pull them apart?
                  As with the first book, this book continues the struggles of learning how to get along in close proximity to family 24/7 after not living together for 45 years.  I enjoyed the element of mystery with the postcards and disappearance of Hannah.  I also liked the description of the decorating details in each of the rooms and the meals prepared.  This is a relaxing read that you will enjoy.  The antics of Caroline’s dog, Max, also add some lighthearted moments to the story.  I really like their crusty neighbor, Shirley Addison, too!  She tells it like it is and pulls no punches.  All-in-all this tale is a delightful way to spend a day in historic Nantucket.                       
                My rating is 4 stars.
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