Monday, May 13, 2013

The Offering

Title:  The Offering
Author:  Angela Hunt
Pages:  320
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Howard
                Hang on to your heart!  When you start reading this novel, it will definitely pull at your heart strings even if you see what is coming in the story.  Basically, a married couple wants to be able to purchase a home and open a music store after the husband retires from the military.  In order to help more than she is, Amanda, with the support of her husband, decides to become a surrogate parent.  The story is set in Florida with the couple being from mixed heritages, which adds to the characters’ perspectives to their lives.
                When Amanda receives the news she has most feared, her whole world tilts.  With only 18 months left until Gideon’s retirement, he is killed in action.  The same day she learns she is a young widow; she gives birth to a healthy baby boy who is received by his new parents without Amanda spending more than a moment with him.  Now, after two years have passed, Amanda sees that more may have occurred while she was grieving than she first saw after the boy’s birth.  Amanda decides to set out on a path that may lead her heart places she never thought it would travel.  With her faith and husband’s family being close by, she must decide what course to chart to bring answers to questions raised about the true biological parentage of the boy.
                I haven’t ever read a novel about surrogate parenting, though I have known the reality of it from a friend’s experience.  The added element of a mystery on top of the spiritual repercussions was simply breathtaking.  The author brings insight I never thought about before.  While it was at times hard to read because it was heartbreaking, even though it was fiction, I am glad I read it to the very last page.  I don’t think I will soon forget the surprise and hope-filled ending the author wrote nor the tale itself.
                I appreciate the faith-filled novel and the theme of having family close, especially during hard times, even though the reality of not all parents being close to their children is part of the novel as well.  There is the sharing of cultural differences at holiday times and in everyday life for the characters.  I grew up where having family time on Sundays and family gatherings were very important.  Those memories I cherish even more now since the passing of people and time.
                My rating is 4 stars.
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