Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unwritten By Charles Martin

Title:  Unwritten
Author:  Charles Martin
Pages:  336
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Hachette Book Group
                What kind of mystery with a plethora of twists and turns topped off with many surprises would tantalize you into reading a novel?  The kind of mystery that is enjoyable and riveting with suspense?  If so, this is the kind you will read in Unwritten, the latest by author Charles Martin.  When I read a synopsis of Unwritten, I wasn’t all that drawn to it at first.  It sounded interesting, but not even close to what I found within the covers.  Three main characters, who are vastly different in more ways than I will reveal, keep the reader enticed to read another page.  The first character is a man who goes above and beyond the norm to bless kids in a hospital at birthdays and Christmas.  No one knows who he is; he is enigmatic.  Next, a woman who is speaking with an elderly priest is trying hard not to be noticed.  She has been known to the priest for over 20 years.  She gives him an assignment of sorts.  Finally, an elderly priest who knows a lot about the other two, but keeps the confidences shared about both of them.  He is a hero of sorts, saving her life and sharing her pain, but decides to help in a way that changes all of them.  Just to make sure you know, I haven’t revealed this information in the order in which it appears in the novel.
                The setting is mainly the southernmost tip of Florida and beyond to islands that aren’t barren of human presence, but useful for the needs of the two men and one woman.  The priest is the only one who can come and go without the need to camouflage himself or his life, or is he?  It is said that an onion has many layers; the woman was like the onion with many layers that hid the person she really was.  So, in part two of the novel, the mystery of the identity of the woman is central, but the affects it has on her companion will surprise you even though both of them have a past that is shrouded.  The priest, named Steady, has remained in the States.  This trip was to bring about the unveiling of the two other characters for reasons you’ll discover as you read.
                If you enjoy a novel that has mysteries within a mystery, then this wonderful story is for you.  Here I was reading about three different characters, two shrouded in a past the author reveals very slowly, plus a priest with a story of his own to tell.  I enjoyed the fact that the chapters were short in length which made the action move swifter.  It was fun to see France through the characters’ eyes as well as how others placed value on the characters’ lives.  I was surprised to find such a hidden treasure and I recommend it highly!
                My rating is 4 ½ stars.
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