Sunday, May 5, 2013

When a Secret Kills

Title:  When a Secret Kills
Author:  Lynette Eason
Pages:  352
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
                The Deadly Reunions Series is tale that follows three women from the night of their graduation party as they each take different career paths.  In the first novel, When the Smoke Clears, the foundation is laid of the mystery that continues to build in the second book titled, When a Heart Stops.  Three girls with three different careers are tied together with the cords of friendship and a secret known only to Jillian.  Alexia is a firefighter who due to her ties with Jillian finds:  her life in danger, herself in a budding romance with a policeman and with decisions to make for her future.  Serena is a medical examiner, who helps solve cases and like Alexia has to keep one step ahead of someone who is trying to take her life.  Now, in the final installment, all three threads are brought together to solve the mystery of who is after Jillian.
                One characteristic about this series is that each female lead character has her own journey to adulthood, finding a career as well as budding romance.  These are stories of lives redeemed and hope renewed in a small town.  The three male characters all have the same career which helps them to assist and rely on each other when it comes to keeping the women they love alive.
                Jillian is a witness to a crime.  She has been living under an assumed identity with her daughter, who is nine years old.  After all this time, Jillian decides to return to the town where she grew up with the intent of confronting the man who killed another as well as telling her high school sweetheart something that will change the lives of all involved.  Lynette Eason has written the novels with suspense, action and thrills that will keep the reader’s attention from beginning to end.
                As I started reading the novel, I almost hated to continue; knowing that once I finished it the series would be concluded.  Each novel was enjoyable and engaging with never-ending suspense, a thrill ride all the way through.  I found the story fascinating as science and technology are brought in to help solve cases.  Another facet was seeing how the characters’ faith helps them face insurmountable odds and enemies bent on revenge.  Crime novels are so interesting when the author shares facts about the techniques learned during the research process.  What I also enjoyed was the author didn’t write gruesome, detailed scenes that sometimes tend to bother me long after I close the book.  Each novel included the elements of faith, hope and love, showing the greatest is God’s love for us.
                My rating is 5 stars.
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