Monday, May 6, 2013

Wounds by Alton Gansky

Title:  Wounds (A Novel)
Author:  Alton Gansky
Pages:  400
Year:  2013
Publisher:  B & H Books
                Never before have a combination of various themes within the story frame as I just completed moments ago.  Here is another author who is well-established in his field, yet who is brand new to me and who now has a faithful follower.  With the internet making knowledge more accessible, I did a search for the author’s site, which I included here for you to be able to visit.  As I read the list of fictional novels, I realized there were a couple co-authored novels such as Hide and Seek and Scroll that were familiar to me.  Normally mysteries are not top on my “to read” list, but I am glad that this time I bypassed my usual fare for something brilliantly written.  It is amazing how a writer can take his characters from different backgrounds and pull them together to solve a rash of murders.
                Carmen is a detective who originally wanted to become a doctor until one night changed her life forever.  A timid academia professor whose knowledge is vast and lives a life almost as a hermit seeks solace, but has been struggling to pray as well as believe.  One by one the body count is climbing. Carmen is the lead detective and nothing seems to point out a motive let alone a possible suspect.  The victims are each dying a death that is distinct, but the reason for them dying is plain brutal.  On top of that, there aren’t clues or surveillance cameras to help aid the investigation.  Whoever is doing this is planning, scheming, taking time with the end result known only to the person who is killing people.
                The setting is the San Diego, California area; the year is 2013, almost thirty years after one decision made changes peoples’ lives and destinies forever.  A man carries around guilt and shame never able to come away feeling anything but like a coward.  A woman’s hatred and anger increases with each year a cold case isn’t solved.  She is determined to solve it even if it costs her her life and it just might.
                I could not put this novel down; it grabbed my attention and kept me wanting to read until the very last words in the Epilogue.  Alton Gansky is the author who really has written a tale unlike I have ever read before.  There is no way I can use too many words to describe it without accidentally ruining the revelation, the joy of discovering the mystery when you read it.  I can say this is one of the best crime novels I have read with a message that shows us the breadth and depth of love that God has for us.  I hope you will read the novel then use the discussion the questions to begin conversations with others about Him.
                My rating is 5+ stars!
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