Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Place to Belong

Title:  A Place to Belong (Wild West Wind)
Author:  Lauraine Snelling
Pages:  384
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany
                Valley of Dreams and Whispers in the Wind are the first and second novels in the Wild West Wind series.  Here, readers get to read the third installment of the series with Cassie Lockwood as the main female character in A Place to Belong.  At one time, Cassie belonged to a traveling Wild West show with her parents and many other people, including her father’s partner Jason Talbot.  Now, Cassie has found the place her father long desired to retire to since he became half-owner of the Bar E ranch.
                In one night, Cassie loses all her personal affects when riders descend on her small cabin, firing shots and the setting ablaze her wagon.  The one remaining link and treasure from her parents is lost, and Cassie is wounded.  Now, she can no longer travel nor work on her trick riding or shooting skills until her arm heals.  In the meantime, she begins to learn what it takes to make a home, cook meals and run a ranch.  At one point, Cassie is all set to be married when the unexpected happens, and though disappointed she realizes something was missing in the relationship with Lucas…love.
                Cassie is feeling like she still must earn her way even as part owner of the ranch, but she has no clue how to do any jobs.  From milking a cow to baking bread, the one thing Cassie wants above all is a home.  Not just any home, but one filled with the love of the Lord as well as a loving husband.  Will Cassie see the delight of her heart become a reality?  Read this novel to find out all the action, adventure and conclusion to the dreams of Cassie Lockwood.
                I really enjoyed reading this novel as the theme about family and the acceptance of so many different people made it special.  The conglomerate of various people, differing in ages, backgrounds and personalities keeps the story engaging.  I also thought the characters having faith and some not so sure about their faith was a real reflection on real living.  It was interesting too that the author gives readers introspective moments into some of the thoughts and internal wrestling some players were going though.
                One can appreciate the simple pleasure of sitting back and getting lost in a romantic, adventure-filled story.  As I was reading, the scenes were changing between city life and ranch life, showing the contrasting lifestyles and changes that were occurring in both places but in different ways.  The author, I believe, highlights the impact a mother with faith can have, balanced with giving room for her grown kids to make their way.  The mother figure is an example of how mothers can be prayer warriors and receive strength by reading the Bible and then, in turn, being a conduit to share her knowledge and faith with others.
                My rating is 4 stars.
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