Sunday, June 9, 2013

Awakening by JoAnn Durgin

Title:  Awakening
Author:  Joann Durgin
Pages:  247
Year:  2010
Publisher:  Torn Veil Books
                Joann Durgin has written a wonderful contemporary Christian romance set in Texas.  Sam Lewis is the director of TeamWork, a missions-based operation that is rebuilding some homes lost in a recent flood out in the middle of nowhere in Texas.  His heart is to be in full-time missions work, but right now he still owns a financial consulting business in Houston that he works at full-time with time off for his mission work.  He is close to his family, caring, smart, funny, handsome and completely dedicated to God.  He isn’t looking for a relationship, but soon discovers he can’t stop thinking about Lexa.  After getting to know her a little better, he realizes during one of their conversations that one thing he wants that will make him happy is to make her happy.  What a guy!
                Lexa Clarke also is in the financial industry, but takes 8 weeks off to work with Team Work at Sam’s mission.  She longs to be closer to God and thinks that by helping others she might be able to accomplish this.  At first, she keeps to herself, but gradually allows herself to be drawn out of her protective shell.  Her mother died when she was a young girl and her father was very distance.  He, too, is now dead and Lexa is alone in the world.  However, when she meets Sam, he brings out her sassiness, humor, dedication, and prods her newly awakened faith along the way.  Lexa doesn’t think a relationship could ever work between her and Sam as she isn’t a good enough Christian.  Sam lets her know she couldn’t be more mistaken in how he views her.  Their fledgling relationship certainly comes across several bumps in the road.  Can it survive once the 8-week camp is over?  Can a man this good be for real?  Can a love that happens so quickly and completely be one that lasts?
                I really liked the two main characters a lot.  Their personalities and emotions were portrayed so the reader could really identify with what they were feeling.  The interaction and chemistry between Sam and Lexa was palpable and the witty repartee made me smile and laugh out loud sometimes.  The chapters are short, which keeps the story moving right along.  Again, great dialogue and character development make this a story not to be missed.  This is a good summer read for relaxing poolside!
                My rating is 4 stars.
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