Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard

Title:  Deadly Devotion (Port Aster Secrets #1)
Author:  Sandra Orchard
Pages:  384
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
Bonus Features:
                Sandra Orchard has written a truly intriguing novel that begins a series called “Port Aster Secrets”.  Tom, formerly with the FBI, has returned home to be with his recently widowed father.  Is there more to his past than anyone knows?  Edward, if he really is named Edward, is supposed to be a victim’s nephew.  Daisy is a special lady who has lived her whole life in Post Aster, who takes a special interest in Kate bringing her under her wing to learn about herbs and the Lord.
                Daisy is the victim who though knowing much about herbs, is supposed to have died from drinking the wrong herbal tea.  The case was closed by the town’s Chief of Police who has a father with a soiled past, but Kate just can’t accept the coroner’s ruling.  Kate decides she will do her own sleuthing to ferret out the killer while being maid of honor for her roommate.  
                These are just a few of the ingredients Sandra places to the captures reader’s imagination and interest right from the start.  On top of that, Daisy’s choice of who is to inherit her estate leads the police to focus on just two people.  Hank, the town Chief of Police isn’t exactly acting like he wants to dig up the truth.  Tom and Hank are constantly wondering about the other’s guilt or innocence even though they grew up together.
                Sometimes mysteries can seem like they follow the same formula, but here is a new series that draws questions as to how the mystery will be solved.  There are a plethora of turns along with suspicions regarding the real cause of Daisy’s death plastered on the front page news in the small town where everybody knows everybody else’s life story.
                It was so enjoyable to watch the chemistry between Kate and Tom grows plus the constant tension of whether to trust each other or not.  The other characters in the novel add more color to the story some of whom make figuring out the real culprit interesting.  I really enjoyed reading this novel as it used a different method to do away with the victim than I had ever read of before.  Most people are aware of herbs around that are sold in various places in different consistencies.  People appreciate flowers that are nice to look at, but some can be deadly.  I couldn’t put the novel down and I await with eager anticipation the next installment in this series!  Pick this novel up and enjoy it.  The story was fun to read, exciting and challenging to figure out!
                My rating is 5 stars.
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