Saturday, June 22, 2013

Slow Moon Rising

Title:  Slow Moon Rising
Author:  Eva Marie Everson
Pages:  384
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
                Slow Moon Rising is the last installment in the Cedar Key Series and was preceded by Chasing Sunsets, Waiting for Sunrise and Things Left Unspoken.  I read Waiting for Sunrise some time back and enjoyed the story so much that when an opportunity came to read this novel, I couldn’t pass it up.  There are some who read every book of series in order and some like me who forget to read the other books.  Whether you have or haven’t read the other books, this one is heart-gripping, perhaps even a thought-changing novel.
                Basically, Anise, who has become the owner of a floral shop in Maine, thinks she will forever remain single until she meets the man who will become her husband.  There is an age difference between Ross and Anise, but the love they have for each other overrides any attention on their differences.  Throughout the novel, you will be introduced to characters who struggle with relationships, divorce, alcoholism and even cancer.  Dr. Ross, who is a pediatrician, had been married to Joan for almost 30 years and has four wonderful daughters.
                As each daughter grows to adulthood so too do the mounds of joys and sorrows along with a growing family.  Every couple of chapters a different character shares life from their perspective though not all covering the same time frame.  Beautifully woven scenes of what real life looks like in a family are mirrored in the fictional work.  So too is the reality in each of their lives as to their faith in Christ and what is lovingly referred to as second chances.
                I believe that is what the whole point is throughout the writing; because of Christ we can have a second chance.  Born with a sinful nature and battling it every day is a thread of this masterpiece as well as the hope we have because of Christ’s sacrifice and the forgiveness He holds out to one and all without withdrawing His hand.  I cried some during this novel as it had scenes that reminded me of past experiences I have walked through along with some pretty recent ones.  I don’t cry easily when reading a book, but this one had me tearing up in parts and laughing in others.  I also became quite thankful to the Lord for His redemption in my life and the hope of seeing loved ones again in eternity.
                Eva Marie didn’t write a fairy tale; she wrote the Truth about God in a work of fiction to remind us all of the grace and unending love God has for each of us.  There is also the awesome reminder that we can be new every day because great is His faithfulness!  He heals the brokenhearted, and we who have Him as our Savior don’t mourn like those without hope.  We hurt, sometimes for quite awhile, but we are able to see the sunrises and sunsets in their entire vast array because of His great love!
                My rating is 5 stars.
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