The Quarryman's Bride by Tracie Peterson

Title:  The Quarryman’s Bride (Land of Shining Water #2)
Author:  Tracie Peterson
Pages:  331
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
                This is the second book in Tracie Peterson’s Land of Shining Water series.  Although these books can be read as stand-alone books, some people like to read things in order.  The first book in the series is titled, The Icecutter’s Daughter.  This story is again set in Minnesota in the late 1890s.
                Emmalyne Knox has fallen prey to tradition.  She was set to be married at the age of 17 to Tavin MacLachlan, but her father decides to follow tradition.  The tradition is that the youngest daughter gives up any thoughts of a life of her own to take care of her aging mother and father.  Due to the recent deaths of Emmalyne’s two younger sisters, she is now the youngest.  She loves Tavin and he begs her to elope, defying tradition and her father’s word.  Emmalyne refuses to dishonor and disobey her father and in effect God as God tells us in the Bible to obey our mother and father so that our days may be long.  Their engagement is cancelled and the Knox family moves to Minneapolis.
                Eleven years later, the Knox family finds themselves back in St. Cloud.  Emmalyne’s father is so full of anger and bitterness she realizes she doesn’t love him.  She prays to God to give her the ability to love her father and to show him this love.  She also prays for her father to return to the God he once worshiped.  Her mother, after 11 years, has finally come out of her deep melancholy.  Emmalyne finally has help around the house.  For the last 11 years, Emmalyne has done everything and been treated like a servant.  Now, her mother is better and trusting the Lord; her faith renewed.  They both pray for her father to experience this same renewal.
                Tavin has returned to St. Cloud to help out his family.  His sister is mentally unstable with two young sons.  His mother has been caring for them plus taking care of his father and the household.  She is at the point of collapse.  Tavin wants to avoid Emmalyne at all costs.  He still loves her, but knowing they can never be together hurts so much.  Tavin is angry and bitter at himself, Emmalyne and especially her father.  He has not been on speaking terms with God for quite some time.  He wonders if Emmalyne still loves him.  What is the point, however, as they can never be together, right?
                This is a story of hope, love and perseverance.  In the trials of life, where do we gain strength?  If we try to make changes of our own making or keep going in our own strength, we will fail.  Only God can sustain or change a heart.  There is much hurt, anger and bitterness that has festered for 11 years among most of the main characters in this story.  How they deal with this is interesting and how God works in the situation is remarkable.  This is a heart-warming and feel-good romance about earthly and Godly relationships.  The next book in the series, The Miner’s Lady, is due to be released in September 2013, and I hope to review that book as well.  I’m looking forward to another good story!
My rating is 4 stars.
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