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Unpardonable Objective by James T. and Cynthia A. Runyon

Title:  The Unpardonable Objective (The Blackwell Chronicles #1)
Author:  James T. and Cynthia A. Runyon
Pages:  295
Year:  2011
Publisher:  WestBow Press
                Unpardonable as defined by Webster’s means not to be forgiven.  There are characters in this story to which this word can be applied for what appear to be vastly different reasons.  Is there anything that can’t be forgiven?  The plot is part adventure, part action and part futuristic with other themes also present.  The setting is Washington D.C. and ancient Israel.
                Hudson Blackwell is a Christian, husband, father and Secret Service Agent.  He is training for a top-secret mission involving technology that will change the world.  The doctor of physics who created this technology has just committed suicide the day before this technology was going to be unveiled to top-level government officials and a few scientists.  Agent Blackwell finds it hard to believe the doctor would kill himself at this point in his life.  As he begins to investigate, he discovers the doctor was murdered.  He also discovers the identity of the assassin and proceeds to track him down.  As he locates the assassin in the lab where the doctor’s time machine awaits final testing, the assassin escapes into the machine and into the past.  Agent Blackwell learns of another target of the assassin and recruits Dr. Todd Meyers, a well-known archeologist and professor of ancient studies as well as a Christian, to help guide Hudson on their journey into the past to stop the assassin before he takes out his target.
                Agent Blackwell and Dr. Meyers survive being shot at, time travel, attempts on their lives, crawling through tunnels, culture shock and much more in their attempt to foil the assassin.  Along the way, these two form a strong bond as Christian brothers intent on accomplishing their mission, but more importantly glorifying God.  They must rely on Him to provide for them as circumstances force them to leave behind their bag of resources to help them in their new time.  One chapter in particular brings these brothers to their knees and brought tears to my eyes while reading it…very emotional.
                I don’t want to tell readers the time travel destination as it might give away some of the plot.  The story is full of action, turns and twists in the plot, faith under extreme pressure and so much more.  There is also someone behind the scenes, who has trained and paid the assassin for this specific journey.  Who is it?  What is their agenda?  The conclusion is open-ended and will leave you wanting more.  The next book in the series is titled, The Terminal Inception.  I can’t wait to see what Hudson’s next adventure will be!  This one was pure adrenaline and shouldn’t be missed!
My rating is 5 stars.
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