Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blood & Bone by Don Hoesel

Title:  Blood & Bone
Author:  Don Hoesel
Pages:  320
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany
                Within the covers of this novel lies a mystery of epic proportions…what many are seeking can be used for either for good or evil purposes.  While I will now read the authors novel Elisha’s Bones, the first one of his books I read was called, The Serpent of Moses.  Here is a small segment of that review: “In the Old Testament, Numbers chapter 21, the Israelites were grumbling and doubting not only Moses, but God.  The Israelites battled with and voiced their grumblings, so God acted.  He sent snakes to bite them.  To save them, Moses was to make a snake emblem, place it on a pole, lift up that pole, and anyone who looked at it would be saved.  There are many biblical artifacts that have never been located here on earth.  The author takes a true historical event and creates a fictional story that is engrossing and enjoyable.”  My rating was a 5+ for The Serpent of Moses and Blood & Bones deserves no less a rating.
                With power being sought, Jack, along with his family, is pulled out of their normal daily routine by those who seek the bones of the prophet Elisha.  During the escape from people seeking to do them harm, what looks like an avenue of escape and freedom for the family turns into a nightmare.  Jack and Espy must follow the instructions given if their hopes of being reunited as a family are to come true.
                The challenge to locate the artifact causes the couple to travel the globe trying to stay one step ahead of danger.  With options running out, Jack turns to Mossad for help to travel to a foreign country with enough currency to live on until the job is done.  However, no longer is the man who forces them on this dangerous mission the only one who has the money and power to acquire the relic. As Jack tries to locate and turn over the relic with the hopes of being able to return to a normal life, those with a darker past catch them.  Now what is going to happen to Jack and Espy as well as their sons?
                In a work of fiction that is sure to stir the heart and mind of the reader, Blood and Bone brings to light the battle for dominance and self-preservation.  Some go into archeology for greedy reasons, others just to prove what some assume isn’t the reality of God, but a myth.  The choice before the archeologist is whether to put the relic into the hands of a dangerous being or hide the artifact at the risk of losing the sons he most treasures.  I loved the action, adventure and how the husband and wife worked together and supported each other on the dangerous journey.  Above all, I love how when it all comes down to it, the author shows what the most important find is for all mankind.
                My rating is 5+ stars.
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