Friday, July 19, 2013

Congo Dawn

Title:  Congo Dawn
Author:  Jeanette Windle
Pages:  465
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
                Congo Dawn is a thrilling adventure set in the contemporary Congo Rainforest.  The author shows her knowledge of the area and people through her real life experience of growing up in a similar setting in Columbia.  Her firsthand view adds much to the details of the story.  The plot and dialogue are spot-on and very interesting.
                Robin Duncan is an ex-marine now under contract to Ares Solutions, Inc., a private security firm.  She is employed as a translator.  Her new assignment is in the Congo as she grew up there and speaks the language.  Ares Solutions is one of the many companies owned by billionaire Trevor Mulroney.  In reality, these particular employees are hired guns/mercenaries.  Robin believes she is just going to be on location for a month and earn a lot of money she desperately needs for her 4-year-old niece’s life-saving surgery.  What she didn’t count on was running into a man she hasn’t seen in five years, a man who she last saw air-lifting her injured Marine brother to the closest hospital.  Unfortunately, her brother died and Robin has been blaming this man the whole time.  She thought she loved him, but now he is the last man on earth she wants to see.  What are the chances of running into him in the Congo?  Robin has lost her mother, brother and father to death.  She is angry with God and stopped talking to him or depending on him.  Robin often wonders why the innocent must suffer so.  How can they sing of Jesus’ love amidst so much pain and suffering?  She has deep conversations with Michael’s sister that begin to penetrate the hard shell of bitterness and anger she has built around her heart.  Can she let herself truly give God control over her life and the lives of those she loves?  When this current mission begins to be much more than it originally was explained to her, will she have the nerve to do what is right or do what is easy?
                Michael Stewart also grew up in the Congo.  His parents and grandparents were missionaries in the Ituri Rain Forest.  His sister now lives there too.  After his time in the Navy as a med-tech, he went on to become a surgeon and now works for a missionary surgical organization.  He also has been deeply hurt for the last 5 years at Robin’s abandonment of him, telling him she hated him for letting her brother die and never wanting to see him again.  He sees her with a group of men crossing the Congo border and hops a ride with their air transportation as they are going to the same place.  He has a delivery of medicine to make and then will stay for a short while to train some of the medical staff.  His faith has been refined through various trials.  He sees Robin and realizes he still cares for her.  Can she forgive him?
                This is a great story of forgiveness, self-sacrifice, showing Jesus to others through action and much more.  The characters will draw readers in right away, and the story will pull them in with tension-filled and suspenseful moments, political maneuvering and a conspiracy that must be protected at all costs, including leaving anyone alive that knows the truth.  The journey of Robin’s faith and her conversations with Miriam are very well done and will touch the heart.  I eagerly look forward to more novels in the future from this great author.  I highly recommend this very entertaining novel.
                My rating is 5 stars.
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