Friday, July 26, 2013

Greater Than Rubies

Title:  Greater Than Rubies
Author:  Hallee Bridgeman
Pages:  198
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Olivia Kimbrell Press
 Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
                Greater Than Rubies is a novella that continues the storyline started in Sapphire Ice, both authored by Hallee Bridgeman.  First, let me share about the author.  Hallee Bridgeman has two websites that share her passions, (shares about her novels and cooking); the other site is (of course the title of the site helps you understand her second passion).  Hallee Bridgeman is a very personal author, writer and homemaker whose passion is for others to meet Christ personally.  To learn more about this wonderful woman whom I have had the pleasure of recently meeting via the Book Club Network, Inc., visit her websites and connect with her, perhaps even send her a message!
                Now, let me tell you about the novella.  Robin and Tony are preparing for their wedding while continuing to keep their lives focused on Christ.  Prayer is the instant lifeline used as well as reaching out to other people and helping them establish new lives in Christ; it also provides employment to pay for their living expenses.  Robin is helping her dad, whom she just met, get employment until his sentencing hearing in a few months.  Tony has reached out to a youth from his old stomping grounds, inviting him to live with Tony, work and become established in a new life rather than living on the streets.
                There is so much more to the story to accompany a wonderfully written theme about redemption and God’s eternal love.  As I read, I thought of the Song of Solomon and Hosea, both of which share a unique aspect of the character and heart of God.  I loved how the novel shares the sacrifice each man and woman make when they come to the altar and become one in Christ.
                The novels are written with the truth of the Word, and the reality that we all come to Christ broken.  Another truth shared is that while we may not meet our own standards in life or others’, it reminds us that the only One we need to please is God.  Redemption is major thread woven in each page as well as the characters created and portrayed in both Sapphire Ice followed by Greater Then Rubies.
                The depth, width and breath of God’s amazing, unconditional and everlasting love can be found in these stories written to encourage readers as they turn each page.  Perhaps after you read the aforementioned books, God will bring someone to mind that may need to read and know about God.  If the Lord does that, please obey the Spirit and share His truth with that person.
                My rating is 5+ stars.
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