Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Am Ruth

Title:  I am Ruth (A Story of Loss, Love & Redemption)
Author:  Kenneth Berg & Brenda Carol Duff
Pages:  96
Year:  2013
Publisher:  New Leaf Press
                Before I even looked inside the covers of this book, I read the book of Ruth from the Bible.  I wanted to remember what the Bible said about this woman, her life and about those she loved.  Ruth is a woman whose very life is a picture and encouragement for everyone.  Why?  All people of every nation have experienced loss.  Have they experienced love while looking for redemption?
                In this intriguing nonfiction account, the Bible and Ruth’s testimony are brought to life and not only hers, but Naomi’s, her mother in-law, as well.  Ruth was not from Israel; she was from Moab so she was known as a Moabite.  Their lives and gods were not the same as the Jewish God nor did they have the LORD dwelling within their midst in a temple.
                When Naomi along with her husband and two sons left Israel due to a famine, they went to Moab.  Daily living in ancient times was just that…day-to-day, so people went where there was food.  While in Moab, both sons married Moabite women.  After some time, Naomi lost her husband and both her sons; her grief had to be inexpressible.  When Israel’s famine was over, Naomi begins her journey back to Israel.  She attempted to send both of her daughter-in-laws back to their families.  One daughter-in-law returned, but Ruth clung to her mother-in-law and refused to be sent away.  More of this moving and truthful story can be read from the Bible and read in I am Ruth.
                In I am Ruth, there are pictures that help readers view the narrative in the land where it occurred.  The pictures give visual testimony to just how different the land and climate is compared to other places.  While looking at the pictures, there is an explanation of the historical life and ancestry of those we read about in the book of Ruth.  At the conclusion of each chapter of the book, each chapter of Ruth in the New King James Version is included.
                The differences between ancient people and times compared to the current time make the Bible come alive for me.  The Bible is not full of fairy tales and nice anecdotes, but with the very words of God about real people, real times and Himself.  It puts the story into its timeframe and helps the truth revealed in Ruth’s life to jump out at the reader.  I think it helped me to appreciate what Naomi went through as well as Ruth when she left her family, land and gods to go somewhere she had never been and not knowing what the future held.  I am Ruth is a book for everyone’s personal library to look at and read repeatedly.
                My rating is 5 stars.
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