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Sapphire Ice by Hallee Bridgeman

Title: Sapphire Ice (The Jewel Series Book #1)
Author:  Hallee Bridgeman
Pages:  212
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Olivia Kimbrell Press
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
There are many novels I have read already this year, with the majority being most enjoyable.  Here is an exceptional novel, in fact when communicating with the author I expressed the totality of my review in one word, WOW!  Fully aware that the word doesn’t help anyone to grasp the contents or various aspects of the novel here is a little teaser to whet your appetite.
Three women who live together, and are half-sisters with a background that is very distinct.  Not only is each one’s background dissimilar so is their heritage, and ancestry.  The actions taken on one night alter the future for all three in the years growing up.  Robin is the eldest and has an overwhelming sense of being responsible for Maxine and Sarah.  Robin works hard to put her sisters through college, now when they are grown with Sarah having just a couple years left, Robin feels she can rest then.
However, two men are going to come in her life each for a different reason.  One wants to show her how Christ makes all the difference in the world.  The other man, well let’s just say you got to read the book to believe it.  Robins who life is about to be turned upside down and her sisters couldn’t be happier but what does Robin feel about all this, can she trust anybody ever again?
Sapphire Ice is the first book in the Jewel Trilogy Bundle #1 which includes a novella Greater Then Rubies, which I will share in another review.  I just was so overwhelmed with the way author Hallee Bridgeman has her characters in situations that are very life like.  The emotional tension I felt as the characters interacted was something I will not forget, whether the players were praying or arguing.  All I kept thinking was how much a story such as this reflects what real human beings feel.
Another aspect is how some of the characters were in accountability relationships in their walk with Christ.  Truth spoken from one to another, praying with and for others, and being a conduit of the love God has for each of us regardless of where or who we are today. As Iron sharpens iron was a phrase I kept thinking when sparks would fly in the plot.  Repentance, taking time out to be alone with the Lord is just a part of the strong message in the plot.  Well, that gets you started, go have fun discovering what else lies between the covers of the book!
My rating is 5+ stars!
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