Amber Morn

Title:  Amber Morn (Kanner Lake #4)
Author:  Brandilyn Collins
Pages:  315
Year:  2008
Publisher:  Zondervan
                This is the fourth and final installment in the Kanner Lake Series by Brandilyn Collins.  The story moves back to Kanner Lake whereas the third story, Crimson Eve, took place elsewhere, but involved one of the Kanner Lake residents.  The author does what she has in every other book in the series and that is she creates lots of suspense, tension and action.
                The Kanner Lake gang is all gathered at the Java Joint for coffee, pastries, and to see one of their own sign a contract with a publishing company to publish two books.  The S-man starts signing, but abruptly stops as three men enter the coffee shop armed with guns.  Someone from Kanner Lake is shot right away and the body drug outside with a note addressed to Chief Vince Edwards.  Therein begins a hostage situation with those occupants of Java Joint unable to leave or communicate with anyone outside the shop.
                Chief Edwards has recently taken hostage negotiation classes and they will certainly be needed now.  He must balance keeping things calm, keeping the hostages safe and keeping the hostage takers from hurting anyone.  More law enforcement personnel are brought in to help with negotiations.  The local church is full of prayer warriors, praying out loud or on their knees or silently with arms uplifted for the safety of all the hostages.  The news media becomes involved and the tension escalates.  Will the hostages be released without injury?  Can the town of Kanner Lake and its’ people survive yet another killing?  The town has endured so much in the two years.
                Be warned!  Once you start reading this, you won’t be able to stop.  The pulse-pounding tension will keep you riveted in your seat and your fingers flipping the pages quickly.  I’m sorry the series is at an end, but I plan on reading the author’s other series.  I came to really enjoy the characters throughout this series and to see their spiritual growth in difficult circumstances was so encouraging.  Also, to see their relationships develop and deepen between the Kanner Lake residents was satisfying as well as the wonderful feeling of family that becomes more evident with each book in the series.  Thank you Brandilyn for such an enjoyable ride on your rollercoaster of suspense!  It was fantastic!!
My rating is 5 stars.
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