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Immigrant Brides (9 stories, 1 Volume)

Title:  Immigrant Bride Collection
Authors:  Judith Miller, Irene Brand, Kristy Dykes, Nancy J. Farrier, Pamela Griffin, JoAnn A Grote, Sally Laity, and Janet Spaeth
Pages:  448
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Barbour Publishing
Capucine: Home to My Heart by Janet Spaeth
                A mixture of love, forgiveness and mystery as three women bound together come to New Orleans due to a death in the family.  Coming from a French heritage, Capucine and her sister are given into the care of a nun who is also coming to America.  Capucine is filled with anger and brokenness from her past and must decide whether she will allow God to love her and her young man.  Will she?  Believe me there is more to the story than I am revealing.  The story is very entertaining!
The Angel of Nuremberg by Irene Brand
                Nicholas comes to America as a Hessian soldier during the Revolutionary War.  With no living relatives, he thinks life as a soldier would be fine.  Comfort, along with her father and little sister, lives in the town of Trenton.  Comfort is responsible for the needs of the home.  One day Comfort opens the door to her home to find a Hessian soldier with an order for him to bivouac there.  What will happen now that Nicholas is in the home and Marion, who is Comfort’s brother and off fighting with the Patriots, comes home without warning?  What a stirring story of love, forgiveness and hope set in the timeframe of the War of Independence.  The story is intriguing, fraught with danger as well as adventure during a time when the winter winds are blowing fiercely.
Freedom’s Cry by Pamela Griffin
                Can you guess what time frame in history the story is set?  Sarah comes to America as an indentured servant.  What is her crime?  Thomas is a well-known cabinet maker who works with his apprentice who usually makes deliveries, except for today when Thomas makes the deliveries.  Going to the estate of Bartholomew Wilkinson to deliver an order, the stage is set for Sarah to make his acquaintance.  With her contract almost up, Sarah is ready to leave the estate to search for employment, but evil intentions may soon find Sarah trapped in a dangerous situation without hope.   “Where is God in all of this?” Sarah wonders.  In a beautifully crafted story, the author shares hope, faith and love in the lives of her characters.  Very intriguing!
Blessed Land by Nancy J. Farrier
                Palomita comes to Tucson to find her sister and brother in-law with only one desire in her heart…to bring them home to her parents in Mexico.  With America acquiring land that belonged to Mexico through the Gadsden Purchase, Palomita wants her family together again.  However, when she arrives, she cannot locate her sister.  The search brings her into an adventure that challenges her heart, faith and obedience.   Learning to trust not in one’s self but in the Lord as well as praying, listening for His voice is a strong and true theme powerfully presented in this work of fiction.
Prairie Schoolmarm by JoAnn A. Grote
                Here we find a family and young man coming to America from their native land of Sweden.  While they bring traditions and few possessions with them, hope is stirring in the heart of all but one.  As the county grows in size in the north, so the need to be able speak in English becomes apparent.   Marin and her family open their small sod home to welcome the various ages to start the new school.  All, however, is not easy such as finding supplies and traversing the miles between homes in bad weather.  Lives are adjusting.  For some, their hearts are wondering what God will do.  In the pages of this story, the reader will be reminded that our choices don’t just affect the one choosing, but those who are in contact with them.
The Golden Cord by Judith Miller
                Born the oldest in the family, Qui Jin will not be forced to leave her home by her father because he sees her as a liability.  Qui Jin is sold to a captain of a vessel heading to America.  Without any knowledge of the language or customs, she is forced to remain in a small cabin below deck.  However, she ventures up on the deck in search of fresh air and answers to her questions.  What she receives changes the course of her life forever.  Like Rahab with her scarlet cord, Qui is given a golden one to show others in the new land if she ever requires help.  How does the cord eventually become the beacon of hope and freedom for her?
I Take Thee, a Stranger by Kristy Dykes
                Corinn McCauley has an uncertain future.  The town’s doctor may have an answer or at least an option that might provide for Corinn.  In Florida facing a stranger with his two young daughters, she is briskly taken before a preacher to become a wife.  Can holding onto her Scottish heritage that is rich and colorful also be a source of division within the new household?
Promises Kept by Sally Laity
                Kiera MacPherson waited a long time to be brought to America by her fiancée.  Now she is in a new land without hearth and home.  She is brought into a mansion as a servant to care for an elderly matron, who at first seems bent on being most uncooperative.   Devon brings her answers to her seeking heart, but can he face the matron bravely while answering the call to ministry?
A Blessing Basket by Judith Miller
                A home is set up to care for girls without family members.  Their heritage is Chinese and many are devoted Christians.  In one night, a city, home and lives are forever changed due to an earthquake.  Will two young people find each other and get married?  Will one young man help clarify a woman’s true desire for herself and her “mother”?
                Each of these short stories shares the hopes, dreams and sometimes heartaches of those coming to America from other lands.  I loved reading the various plots, scenes and characters as each author painted different aspects of faith in their story.  Some showed the courage it took to carry on in a brand new country with new people and customs, especially when plans failed to materialize.  The element of faith, obedience to the Lord, and trusting in Him is a reminder to readers how important these are in everyday living.  The only change I would make is not placing so many short stories in one book as it can be a daunting task to read as well as review so much in small snippets of time or writing space.
My rating is 4 stars.
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at
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