Review of Tyndale Rewards Program

Tyndale Rewards Program Reviewed by Lisa Johnson
Dr. Kenneth Taylor had a heart to see Scripture accessible for all so he founded Tyndale publishers in 1962.  Since then, the company’s offerings of Christ-centered products have flourished by maintaining the focus on Christ.  Tyndale spreads the gospel through all mediums available today with their headquarters located in Carol Stream, Illinois.  You may learn more about this remarkable company and the founder at
Recently, Tyndale began a program that rewards members with points for sharing on FaceBook, Twitter or blog, doing a survey, being on a focus group, and more.  The biggest plus is that joining is F-R-E-E!  All a person has to do is go to and sign up.  As points are accrued, they can be redeemed toward a wide variety of Tyndale products without any cost!  The points can go towards books, Bibles, and audio products too.
When I joined not too long ago, it was so easy to sign up and begin earning points immediately.   Within a short time period, I had novels coming to my home!  Right now my points are almost where I want them to be in order to order a new Bible.  Anyone can see that this is a win-win situation for anyone joining.  You can use the points to redeem items you may be considering giving as gifts for birthdays or holidays.  Another benefit is if you know someone who doesn’t yet know Christ perhaps by giving them a novel that shares the gospel or a story on CD earned by your points could be a way to introduce them to Him.
I enjoy the spreading the word of this program to anyone who wants to know about it, especially in these difficult economic times.  I appreciate the company’s heart to creatively come up with a points program open to all to obtain Christ-centered material for free.  As a reviewer, I go through books very quickly and reading is a way to be reminded of His truths through a story.  Let’s face it; we are all wired for stories with the difference being how we best learn.  My sons are audio learners so stories on CDs work best for them; they are readers too, both of fiction and nonfiction, which are offered through Tyndale Rewards Program.
The highlight sometimes of my day is going to the mailbox and seeing my recent order come and without a bill!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining today.  I know I love the program and will continue to appreciate it for years to come.
My rating of Tyndale Rewards is 5+ stars!
View this video to see just how easy and quick you can sign up and earn points go to 

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