Soul's Gate

Title:  Soul’s Gate
Author:  James L. Rubart
Pages:  372
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
                Phenomenal, fantastic, riveting, eye-opening are just a few adjectives to describe James L. Rubart’s first novel in the “Well Spring” series.  This is a contemporary fiction book, but there is a lot of truth to be found within the pages.  This is a book about spiritual warfare and about the lies we believe that keep us in bondage as well as the battle to break the chains to live the life of freedom God has in store for us.  There is suspense, action, drama and more so hold on to your seat!
                Reese Roth is a 62-year-old very successful and wealthy photographer.  He also has a big secret that he struggles with every day.  He has retired from his photography business and is intent on gathering together a select group of people to train them.  Reese is called a mystic by some due to some of his unconventional beliefs outside of traditional religion.  He invites four people to a retreat in the Colorado area where they will be without the Internet or cell phone reception.  He has known each of the people for at least a few years.  He tells them the retreat will change their spiritual lives forever.  He offers to show them the spiritual realm as they’ve never seen it before.  He will guide and coach them.
                As the training progresses, each person in the group must face events from their past and learn how to break free from the chains holding them captive.  To break the chains though they must have the help of the others in their group; they can’t do it alone.  The individuals in the group begin to see and understand more about the spiritual battle, how to fight and how to free others.  They learn the real power of prayer and the ability to love another enough to be willing to die for them.
                This book is absolutely enthralling.  I couldn’t put it down.  The concepts put forth were cause for reflection.  The characters and their interaction with each other are great.  The plot is original and will make the reader think of things in a new way as well as think of things never thought of before.  I eagerly am waiting for the next book in the series, Memory’s Door, which is due to be released in August 2013.  I will be definitely reading that novel and reviewing it here.  I highly recommend this story; it is one of the best books I’ve ever read!  This will go on my “keeper” shelf to read again and again.
My rating is 5 stars.
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