Stealing the Preacher

Title:  Stealing the Preacher
Author:  Karen Witemeyer
Pages:  347
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany House
                Stealing the Preacher follows the second oldest of the Archer brothers as he travels for a job interview as a preacher.  The story is set in 1885 in Texas.  Crockett Archer has been the spiritual leader of his family and now it is time to answers God’s calling to preach before a congregation.  Crockett thinks he pretty much has this job in the bag once the people and elders hear him preach.  What he doesn’t count on is being waylaid en route to his interview and that delay causing him to not get the job.  He thought for sure God was leading him to this particular congregation.  Now what is he going to do?
                Joann Robbins wants only one thing for her birthday and that is a preacher.  Her father can’t figure out what she wants with a preacher, but if that is what she wants, then that is what she is going to get.  He discovers there will be a preacher traveling on the next train and as an ex-outlaw; he knows how to rob a train.  He just never thought he’d be stealing a person!  When Crockett arrives trussed up, Joanna is mortified.  The only thing she asks of the preacher is to help her bring her community church back to life.  For the last two years, there have been no services since that preacher left for a new church.  Crockett promises to get the word out for a new preacher.
                As the story progresses, Crockett and Joanna fall in love with one another despite the attempts of a manipulative woman who also sets her cap for Crockett.  Joanna also longs for her father, who has been crime free for 16 years, to come into a relationship with the Lord.  When an accident happens, will her father turn to God in his desperation or will he continue to rely on his own determination and stubborn pride?
                I’ve read all of this author’s books and found them entertaining; I felt this one was just average.  The plotline was a bit farfetched and the story seemed to drag.  There were some bright moments in the story, so it is still worth reading.  It is just not going to be one of those books that I would put on my “keeper” bookshelf.  I still plan on reading this author’s novels in the future as not every book can be a 5-star winner.
My rating is 3 stars.
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