Before the Dawn

Title:  Before the Dawn (Home to Heather Creek Series #1)
Author:  Kathleen Bauer
Pages:  288
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Guideposts Books
Denise was a young woman who ran away from home; she wanted off the farm for good.  Years later, Bob and Charlotte, still distant from their daughter in many ways, receive a call at 2am form the San Diego Police.  Now, at the time in their life where being grandparents and being on the farm was to be enough, they are now entrusted as guardians to care for Denise’s three children.
Going from city life, the latest fashions and easy accessibility to technology to living in the Midwest on a farm with a small town to shop in has brought such a change to these three kids.  The local high school has no soccer for Sam, out on the farm Emily can’t connect with her old friends and Christopher will not let either older sibling out of his sight.  Charlotte and Bob have not had time to get to know these grandchildren and now they are raising them.  To top it all off, grief is hitting the whole family.
I didn’t know what to expect as I started the novel.  There are many themes and threads woven together to make a tale not soon forgotten.  The grandmother, Charlotte, is the character with a deep faith and the one everyone looks to in order to be taken care of.  Bob is the grandfather who desires no change in his routine and expects his grandchildren to do all the changing.  Then, there are three kids who are going through grief, culture shock, living with complete strangers and now having to make new friends in an area that is spacious with “weird” sounds and smells.
When I came to the last page, I was touched by the ending written by the author.  Clearly, reminding the audience that no matter what age anyone is, change is the one constant of the universe.  We aren’t expected to adapt to these changes by simply making up our mind, but as the novel shows through different characters with faith and help from family and friends.
Change is never easy and sometimes not desired, but the characters sure get a dose of it that clearly rippled out to those who are a part of their lives.  One thread in the story is that some questions we ask God to answer we may not get answers to this side of heaven.  The author showed the characters asking questions, praying for help, and realizing that everyone had to be willing to allow each other time to grieve and adjust.  It is really amazing how each generation can learn from the other, which is played out in the pages.  When crisis come, the players sometimes tried to handle life by themselves, but learned to lean on each other too.
A very heart-touching story that reminded me of my grandparents and how we learned, leaned, laughed and cried together.  Wonderful memories!  This is a good book to sit and enjoy a simple story with life lessons for all of us!
My rating is 4 stars.
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