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Blowing on Dandelions

Title:  Blowing on Dandelions (Love Blossoms in Oregon Series Book 1)
Author:  Miralee Ferrell
Pages:  400
Year:  2013
Publisher:  David C Cook
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
 Katherine is the one of the main female characters in a story that spotlights the relationship between a mother and daughter.  There is also an older woman who comes to the boardinghouse that Katherine owns with her two daughters and with her niece.  Beth is a quiet young lady who caves under the authority of her aunt; she is a very soft spoken woman.  Micah is a widower who is struggling to run a livery as well as raise a teenage son without help. 
Many adventures await the characters in this work of fiction that is sure to keep readers from putting the novel down until it is finished.  There are themes such as romance, forgiveness, choices and actions that can easily be misunderstood depending on the heart of the one observing.  Katherine’s mother has always been a woman who not only speaks her mind, but demeans as well as demoralizes her daughter with every opportunity she gets.
Blowing on Dandelions is the first of three novels that will published as the Love Blossoms in Oregon series.  Before reading this particular novel, I hadn’t read anything written by this author, but I can tell you I will be watching for her future writings.  Some women have wonderful relationships with their mothers and even mother-in-law.  Then, there are others who either haven’t had good relationships or even know of a relationship of this type.
As the novel progresses, see that God is able to change a bitter woman’s heart if she chooses to allow Him to work.  I could also pick up that some women who have had less than stellar models growing up or people who have hurt them can cause some women to be less able to love or be loved.  In the book, a woman closer to Katherine’s mother’s age befriends her and leans on God to help her love on this woman even if all she gets back is hate.  Above all, like the fictional characters, we too can still choose to love regardless of how it is received.  We must always stay connected to the Vine so we aren’t doing the work in the flesh, but in the Spirit.  I cannot wait for book number two due out in 2014.
My rating is 5 stars!
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