Death on Lindisfarne (The Aidan Mysteries)

Title:  Death on Lindisfarne (The Aidan Mysteries)
Author:  Fay Sampson
Pages:  255
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Lion Hudson
Death on Lindisfarne is a contemporary mystery that follows the journey of Aidan Davison and his daughter, Melangell.  They are visiting some of the favorite spots of saints and/or holy places of Aidan’s deceased wife.  She wrote many books on Celtic saints and Aidan was the photographer for her books.  For this trip, the two are part of a small group that has signed up for a tour guided by a Methodist minister, Lucy.  The other characters signed up for the tour are a supporting cast and also become a field of suspects after someone is found dead.  At first, the death is thought to be a suicide, but soon that theory is rescinded and evidence of murder is discovered.
Also, part of Lucy’s past returns to haunt her.  She is a former police constable who had a very manipulating and possessive partner whom she left suddenly four years ago.  She came to the island of Lindisfarne to escape him.  She eventually felt safe enough that she left the island to enter the ministry.  She now returns to Lindisfarne when she needs to regroup.  She enjoys the peace of the place.  This trip she has brought a troubled teen girl who Lucy has been trying to help stay off of drugs and get her life in order.  Lucy is attacked at one point of the story during the night.  Is it the same person who has committed murder in their small group?  Why is Lucy now a target?
Throughout the story, Aidan and Lucy come to realize their attraction for each other.  Aidan, however, is still grieving for his wife and needs more time before embarking on any kind of relationship.  Aidan does feel protective toward Lucy and comes to her rescue.  Lucy has more suspects for the murder than she can count.  Now, she is looking at some people in her little group with a different eye.  Who has the potential to be a murderer?  Is Lucy the next victim?
I read the first book in this series and found it to be average.  I thought this book was a bit better and enjoyed the character of Melangell.  She is a smart little girl, who loves her daddy very much.  She keeps her head in stressful situations and is just a darling!  I also liked the potential love interest for Aidan and hope to see that developed in further books.  The plot seemed to flow more smoothly in this book, and the short chapters helped keep the story moving right along.  I hope to see Aidan and Melangell have their characters fleshed out even more in the next novel.  There is also the history of some saints and the area of Lindisfarne to learn about, which I found very interesting.
My rating is 4 stars.
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