Dolled Up To Die

Title:  Dolled Up to Die
Author:  Lorena McCourtney
Pages:  320
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
                Dolled Up to Die is an exemplary sequel to Dying to Read, the Cate Kincaid Files.  Here is a young woman who has a penchant for finding herself in dangerous situations no matter how hard she tries to avoid them.  Kate is an associate private investigator working for her uncle and caretaker of Octavia the cat.  In Dying to Read, you will learn about the adoption of the cat by Kate as well as how the young lady ends up in a profession filled with risks at every turn.
                Dolled Up to Die is a continuation of the escapades of Kate as a P. I. along with a possible budding romance with Mitch, who is a computer genius and in business partnership with his friend Lance in the computer field.  It is part mystery with a twist of humor sprinkled throughout the novel, along with Kate learning to listen to the voice of the Lord as she helps people.  A murder has been committed and at first, the owner of the house makes it sound like an emergency when she calls Kate.  However, as it turns out, Jo makes lifelike dolls and hers were destroyed.  As the two women walk through Jo’s house, a human body is located.
                Added into the mix is a mother in-law who uses unconventional methods in her business that come to full light when she is later discovered to be a victim of murder too.  Now Kate has two murders without a single clue or person standing out amongst many other characters.  Throughout the story readers will get entangled in the various twists and turns of the plot finding, themselves cracking up at the occasional funny one liners.
                I really enjoyed Dying to Read and the author Lorena McCourtney’s writing was brand new to me.  When the sequel, Dolled Up to Die, was available to read, I grabbed it in anticipation of continuation of the characters I was introduced to before.  The humor adds a touch of reality as sometimes Kate finds herself in awkward situations, thinking thoughts many of us would probably be thinking too.  I hope the author continues to write about Kate and Mitch so I can see where their relationship might be heading.  Not only is Kate a daredevil so is Mitch when he takes Kate for her first ride on a motorcycle in some unpleasant weather.   To top it off, Lance, Mitch’s business partner is getting married in a few days when everything that was setup months in advance begins to fall apart.  Read these well written and entertaining novels; you won’t be sorry!
                My rating is 5 stars.
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