Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fired UP!

Title:  Fired Up (Trouble in Texas #2)
Author:  Mary Connealy
Pages:  334
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
This story takes place in Texas in 1868, shortly after the Civil War has ended.  The two main characters as well as some of the minor characters appeared in the first book in the series, Swept Away.  This story focuses on Dare Riker, the local town doctor and Glynna Greer, the recent widow of a cruel thief and murderer.
Dare Riker is the town doctor, but he feels he isn’t worthy to be called doctor because of his lack of a formal education.  He decides to change professions and become a rancher.  His friends know this is a mistake and aren’t shy about pointing out his lack of knowledge of ranching.  His friends know he was born to be a doctor.  He can’t help himself, which is proved in situation after situation when his doctoring skills are needed.  He thinks Glynna is the prettiest woman he’s ever known and wants to pursue her, but her 15-year-old son has other ideas.  He is fiercely protective of his mother and won’t let any man near her.  Can Dare find a way to change Paul’s mind?  Dare is also the victim of an avalanche, a fire and a stabbing.  Is Paul capable of taking his anger this far?  Who else would want Dare dead?
Glynna Greer is now a widow for the second time, alone, with two children to support.  She decides to open a diner even though her children do their best to discourage this.  Glynna is a terrible cook, but she is so pretty the men in town keep returning for terrible food in the hopes of seeing Glynna and receiving a few words from her.  The town only has a handful of women, and now that Glynna is single, the men in town try their best to support her through their patronage of her diner.  Glynna sees Dare as a compassionate and brave man, but she has made terrible choices with her first two husbands and decides to give up on men.  Can Dare change her mind?
This story was just average, but on the plus side, it is a quick read.  It serves as a bridge between the first book and the third book in my opinion.  I didn’t like the repeated use of the clichéd terms like polecat and other by Glynna.  I felt like Dare and Glynna’s relationship was stilted and then all of a sudden their admitting their love for one another.  I thought they made the story seem more contrived, stereotypical and less natural.  I did enjoy the scenes between Vince and Tina and hope their story will be the focus of the third novel in the series.  Their dialogue and interaction were snappy and spark-filled.  I look forward to reading that one!
My rating is 3 stars.
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