Monday, September 30, 2013

Nurses Secret Suitor

Title:  The Nurse’s Secret Suitor (Eagle Point Emergency #3)
Author:  Cheryl Wyatt
Pages:  217
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Harlequin Love Inspired
Kate Dalton is an ex-military nurse who now works in civilian life as a trauma center nurse.  She finds out at her friends’ masquerade-themed wedding reception that her parents’ marriage of 30 years is ending and her grandfather, who played a major role in her life, is dying.  Kate tries to steel herself as a Dalton never cries, but she is so tired of being strong for everyone.  She needs a shoulder to cry on and a masked man appears to comfort her.  She is able to be vulnerable with this stranger because she knows she will never see him again.  As Kate spends more time with Caleb helping on a fund-raising event, remodeling the lodge’s cabins and taking care of Caleb’s soon-to-be niece, she begins to fall in love with him.  She wants a man in her life who will be around, not one destined to leave.  She has done her stint in the military and she is done with it.  There can be no future with a man like Caleb no matter how much she would like things to be different.
Caleb Landis is home on leave from the military for four months.  He plans to help his sister renovate their lodge cabins as well as attend her wedding.  He also had planned to attend his friends’ wedding, but his flight was delayed so he made it in time for the masquerade reception and bumped into a crying Kate.  He has had a crush on her for forever, but he is her best friend’s brother and she won’t see him as more than a friend.  He begins to romance her after their first encounter disguised as the Benevolent Bandit.  His one goal has always been to enter the Army Rangers to prove wrong the words his dad had uttered to him so long ago about Caleb never amounting to anything as he walked out the door to never return.  Now that Kate is in his life, he wants to be the man in her life.  Can he give up his dream to be a ranger?  Can he let go of his bitterness towards his dad and God?
This story had some good qualities in the romantic gestures of Caleb and Kate’s faith in God, but all-in-all it was boring.  Nothing seemed to happen and the relationship between Kate and Caleb seemed to tread the same ground over and over.  There was no action, suspense and real tension between the two in my opinion.  Smarmy is the word that kept cropping up in my mind as a description.  This was an average book and one I wouldn’t read again.
My rating is 2 stars.
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