Monday, September 30, 2013

Pennsylvania Patchwork

Title:  Pennsylvania Patchwork
Author:  Kate Lloyd
Pages:  384
Year:  2013
Publisher:  David C Cook
Esther has returned home after leaving her Amish family behind in Pennsylvania to live a life with Samuel on the West Coast.  Esther and Samuel lived life on the streets for awhile before Samuel ended up being drafted to serve.  Esther settled into a life in Seattle until her husband Samuel came home from the war.  During this time, Esther established herself in business as half-owner of a quilt shop and becoming a mother.
Holly is busy trying to find her way in life as either an Englisher or an Amish woman, one who has three men who seem smitten and determined to court her.  Zach is a veterinarian who first proposed to Holly, but for the longest time didn’t seem to pay her much attention.  Esther’s fiancé, Nathaniel, ran both farms with his brother’s help, though his brother would come and go as the wind blows.  Yet, Armin was attracted to Holly, but he didn’t make time to nurture the relationship either.  Then, one night, Larry shows up with a ring proposing to Holly, whom he met when they were at college.
Woven in the threads of the sequel to Leaving Lancaster are the many choices the characters have made along with repercussions.  Also, some of the main characters are facing choices each day that could impact the future for many people.  One aspect of the novel I most appreciated was how the characters sought the Lord in His Word and through prayer for guidance.  Another quality I appreciated was how a couple of the characters faced their failings straight on, praying never to repeat their mistakes.  Along with those threads was one of extending forgiveness by asking for God’s help to truly do so from the heart.  I loved how the grandmother and granddaughter would challenge each other playfully without Holly becoming disrespectful.  Some choices are hard especially when they differ from what is expected or anticipated by significant others in the characters’ lives.
Personally, I think we all have choices to make each day that we may or may not see the affect of right away, as Esther did in this story.  Like Esther’s personality though sometimes waiting for God’s will to be fulfilled can being trying and emotionally difficult.  I loved the fact that Holly was not pressured to make a life decision based on what her mother was going to do.  In fact, Holly was free to seek the Lord and make her choice.  When she made it, everyone gladly rejoiced for her and knew she was happy.  There is a third book in this series to be published and I can’t wait to see how the author concludes this particular series set in Lancaster, PA!
My rating is 4 stars.
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