The Promise Book #2 of the Redemption Series

Title:  The Promise (The Restoration Series Book #2)
Author:  Dane Walsh & Gary Smalley
Pages:  304
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
Inspirational and thought provoking along with a couple tugs on the heart makes The Promise quite a stunning book!  This is a story of one generation after another in a family, repeating actions and words observed from the next generation.  Then, when one marriage breaks apart and begins anew with hard work along with accountability, is it possible that another marriage will be able to be pulled from the brink of falling apart?
As I read the novel, it was if some of what these characters were dealing with was a page from my home life today, and if not a page from today, then a page from the past.  In either case, as I read, hope began to spring within my heart.  Looking from a telescopic point of view helps readers see how the character’s past plays into the present and perhaps change future generations.  A person can then take a microscopic look in their own heart and perhaps apply that change to the unhealthy direction life may be taking.  In our home that is how reading a work of fiction impacted in a positive way the future for our family line.
After the story is shared, both authors share from their life experiences what they have learned and as a result a story was birthed.  Jesus sure made us lovers of tales, and He used parables to teach many.  So as you read The Promise, don’t be surprised if something sparks within your heart or mind that may lead to choices and actions that need to be taken.
I loved how the characters learned that His Word was something they couldn’t live without daily.  There was also the importance of family being a conduit of support, love, encouragement and challenge.  Even when all seemed lost for the main male character, it was awesome how other older male characters spoke into his life.  They acted on what they heard the Lord speaking to them, and in fact, when they were broken in their hearts by what the Lord was showing them, they cried.  Rarely do novels show males in that state, yet how attractive to see a man turning to God, taking his responsibility for his actions and then asking forgiveness from those he wronged.
How good God is to gift men to write a story that encourages men to seek His face and walk in His ways.  The Promise shows as well how women within a family come together, share burdens, care, pray and walk with each other as God leads them.  Many may think family means those which we are born into and that is true, but a smaller part of the bigger view God has given us.  Those who are born again Christians have an awesome Father who loves us, seeks us, calls us, comforts us and brings other members into our lives.
I heartily encourage you to read The Promise; then, maybe share the hope with someone you know!
My rating is 5 stars.
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