Threads of Change

Title:  Threads of Change (A Quilting Story Part 1)
Author:  Jodi Barrows
Pages:  224
Year:  2013
Publisher:  River North
Prior to the beginning of the Civil War, Lucas sends his four granddaughters west in hopes of sparing them the expected changes that would come to the south.  With four wagons loaded with trade goods and prior arrangements made for proper escort, the journey begins.  From this point forward, the difficulties of crossing the prairie without shelter of a home or fresh nourishing meat handy and other trials begin.  Not only do the trials begin, but so do the changes within the women that inevitably come from digging deep within to face dangers head on, moving forward and not fleeing home.
The more I progressed through the pages, the more I became captivated with the plot and also found myself emotionally engaged.  Not only is this a tale of various quilts, frontier travel and faith, but also discovering love after loss.  Most of the granddaughters recognized the leadership qualities within Elizabeth and Abigail going to teach at a new school and Megan opening a dressmaker’s store, but what about Emma?
Lucas, their grandfather, eventually joins the women once his land and business are sold, and what a joyful reunion!  Two of the men who were accompanying the women at the start of the journey get separated from the band.  Two other hands help and are willing to let Liz lead and give orders, even her son Luke who is quickly becoming a man.  What awaits them at their destination of Fort Worth, Texas?  With civil unrest and lawlessness what future can the men and women of the area look forward to?
I suspect the author has further adventures in store for these characters as the novel’s ending leaves one wondering what comes next.  As I read, it reminded me how different life was back then and even though we have modern convinces perhaps we have lost the closeness in relationships.  Back then most were reared with the Bible being the book in most homes where family information was kept and recorded for generations.  Where do we keep that information now and do we let the next generation know their past?  I know it is important to my family and we do have a way of noting the family line from both my husband and me.  We share a faith that carries us through the toughest of storms and brings comfort in a way no one or nothing else can.  What about you dear reader?
Enjoy this novel; I eagerly await the sequel!
My rating is 5 stars.
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