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A Reluctant Courtship (The Daughters of Bainbridge House #3)

Title:  A Reluctant Courtship (The Daughters of Bainbridge House #3)
Author:  Laurie Alice Eakes
Pages:  356
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
Set in September 1813, A Reluctant Courtship offers another Regency romance story, which is one of my favorite time periods to read about.  This is the third book in the series, and I would recommend reading the other two books, A Necessary Deception and A Flight of Fancy before reading this one.  While the stories can stand alone, there are references to prior events that happen in the other two books that might be spoilers for those books or leave a reader confused, wondering what is going on.
Honore Bainbridge is the youngest of three sisters.  She is young, beautiful and somewhat naive.  She is looking for romance and a husband, but her past choices of who to give her heart to be abysmal.  The first two men she sets her sights on lead her astray as one is a murderer and one a traitor.  She has been exiled to the family country home to keep her out of trouble and away from despicable men.  She says she has given up on men, but her heart longs for love and then she meets Lord Ashmoor.  He rescues her in more ways than one.  She thinks maybe he might be the one, and then finds out he is also thought by some to be a criminal for allegedly helping French prisoners escape an English prison and smuggling.  Now what is Honore to do?  Is the third time a charm or are three strikes and an out indicated?  Can she repair her damaged reputation?
Will Lord Ashmoor ever claim his inheritance and his place in British society?  In order to do so, a wife of high repute could certainly help him out.  From all outward appearances, Honore Bainbridge and her tarnished reputation is not that woman.  Yet, he is drawn to her.  Who is out to cause him all this trouble of being accused of spying and smuggling for the Americans?  Meric Poole, Lord Ashmoor, has been raised in America by a father who died while under suspicion of being a murderer.  Can he clear his father’s name after 30 years?  If he clears his father’s name and his own, is Honore the woman God wants him to marry?
This is a Regency story with romance, danger, intrigue and even some humor.  I liked the storyline of Honore’s companion also finding romance.  I just admired Meric’s willingness to stand up for Honore at a cost to himself and his reputation by defending her.  He felt it was worth the cost.  I also liked that Honore tries to do the right thing and has a tender heart towards others and their plights.  It was refreshing to see the characters look to the Lord for guidance instead of the world.  I enjoyed all three books in this series and can recommend them without exception.  I am anxiously looking forward to the next entertaining series from Laurie Alice Eakes.
My rating is 4 stars.
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