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Wayfinding Bible from Tyndale House

Title:  The Wayfinding Bible
Pages:  1522
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc
Before I share with you what I believe to be an awesome rejuvenating publication, let’s discuss what makes this unique.  First, when most people approach the Bible the first question they ask is, “Where do I start?”  Let’s face it, it can be intimidating whether one is a seasoned reader or brand new.  Second, people might think that the Bible is antique or out of touch and has nothing to offer people living today.  True, the Bible is the oldest publication around, but unlike other books this one is God inspired and very relevant to us today.  So where do we go from here?
When I requested a copy to review, it was for curiosity reasons along with investigating the New Living Translation.  If we are honest with ourselves we all have a favorite version or perhaps other features we like that make it special to us.  So what I am going to ask you readers to do is just approach this review with an open mind.  Frankly, that is how I approached this myself.  No matter what any of us do or where we live, our hearts have a naturally inquisitive characteristic.  For some, they just flip through it at a store perhaps and steal a glance, then either purchase a copy or place it back on the shelf.
As I opened the Bible, I took time to quickly scan through the pages and when I did, I wanted to know more about this Wayfinding Bible.  As travelers, regardless of the method of travel, we all depend on signs to direct us to the location we need to be in order to arrive safely at the final destination.  We not only want to arrive safely, we all would like to get there with the least amount of frustration as possible.  True? 
After glancing through the pages, I went back to the beginning and read, “The Wayfinding Bible User’s Guide, About the Wayfinding Bible and Introduction to the New Living Translation” sections.  Since that night I was meeting with a friend, I thought I would show her the Bible too.  Her reaction was a mirror of mine; we both liked the approach and appreciated the time and effort people poured into this translation.  It took years and teams of people from all walks of faith to come together with the sole purpose of helping others find God through reading the Bible.  What has been published is to me a very encouraging and helpful Bible for everyone.
I love studying the Word of God, but reading it through yearly has been a struggle for me over the 30 years I have been His.  In 2013, I will have read through it for the first time and I rejoice to have completed a long desire of my heart.  Now, in 2014, I will be reading through it again only this time with The Wayfinding Bible.  On page 1451, there is a section called, “Thru-Hike”, a term I learned that hikers use when walking the length of long trails.  What I love about the introduction to this section is the encouragement to keep going, even if something in life happens to sidetrack me.  It reminds me to pick up where I am and continue my journey.  Now how cool is that!
There are three ways one can read through the Bible:  1) “A Fly Over” is 54 readings so readers get a chronological overview of the Bible; 2) “The Direct Route” is 215 readings to get a picture of how the pieces of the Bible fit together; 3) “The Scenic Route” offers 386 readings that lead the traveler deeper into the Word.  If you watch the video on this Bible, you will see there is more to the Bible than what is shared in this review, but trust me this is a unique and helpful way for us to read God’s Word.
For me, I will be doing the “The Scenic Route” in 2014, and I cannot wait to begin my new “Thru-Hike” adventure!  Regardless of what route you choose, the benefit of getting to God and His Word is immeasurable!  Will you join me for the journey?  By the way, the friend I told you about earlier is asking her husband for a copy for her for Christmas and is getting her three kids each one so they can choose their journey as well.  Come on and let’s take this hike together!  Ready?
Don’t tell my husband or sons, but they are each getting one for Christmas too! J
My rating is 5+ stars.
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