Peril (Bloodline Trilogy #3)

Title:  Peril (Bloodline Trilogy #3)
Author:  Jordyn Redwood
Pages:  268
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Kregel Publications
Peril as defined by Webster’s Dictionary means exposure to the risk of being injured, destroyed, or lost, and that is certainly the case with just about everyone in this gripping suspense-filled story.   This novel can be read on its’ own, but readers would gain a richer experience if they would read the first two novels in the Bloodline Trilogy first.
Morgan Adams is the charge nurse in a pediatric intensive care unit.  She is cool under pressure, but is suffering from severe depression after the loss of her baby daughter three months ago due to shaken baby syndrome perpetuated by her friend who was watching her baby while she went to work.  Morgan also is dealing with her kidneys failing to work and the resultant dialysis treatments she must undergo in order to survive.  With this condition, she knows it is highly unlikely that she will ever have any more children.  Morgan holds herself responsible for her daughter’s death as she is a nursed trained to recognize trauma and/or signs of abuse, and she completely missed these signs in her own daughter until it was too late.  Morgan has a very tenuous hold on life and often thinks about suicide.  Her marriage is suffering and she can’t seem to summon enough energy to care.  Then, Morgan’s mother drops a bombshell on her.  A couple of days after that, Morgan lives through a Saturday that she will never forget.  She has been keeping God out of her life and figures she deserves to die as punishment for her failure to prevent her daughter’s death.  Will she return to God and life or take the easier road and just exist?
Tyler Adams is a cardiac surgeon and has taken on another part-time job as a consultant to help defray the increasing costs of Morgan’s medical expenses.  His job at Neurogenics is to oversee patient care after receiving a neural graft implanted by Dr. Reeves.  How is the U.S. Army involved?  Tyler knows the recipients have voluntarily consented to the grafting procedure and that they are all former soldiers.  Soon the patients begin having side effects which begin to increase in severity.  Tyler brings this to the attention of Dr. Reeves and recommends stopping the program until an answer can be found, but Dr. Reeves is under pressure to get results and keeps performing procedures.  Tyler knows his wife is grieving deeply about their daughter’s death and that she holds herself responsible.  He longs to get back to the faith he once had before this death shattered their lives.  He wonders if this is even possible.
This is a fantastic story with so much tension and suspense readers will not be able to put the book down; I know I couldn’t!  The plot moves at a quick pace and the characters are portrayed in such a manner as to appear as real people with real emotions, thoughts and reactions.  In the book, we see choices made by various characters and the high price paid by more than one.  We see the results when man thinks he can really improve on God’s design for humanity.  I have read all three books in this series and enjoyed them all.  I recommend the entire series, and I’m looking forward to see what Jordyn Redwood writes about next.
My rating is 5 stars.
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