Singularity by Steven James

Title:  Singularity (The Jevin Banks Experience #2)
Author:  Steven James
Pages:  454
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
Jevin Banks is a famous illusionist and makes his home in Las Vegas.  He is on location with his friend, fellow illusionist, Emilio Beningo when the unthinkable happens.  Emilio is in the middle of performing an illusion when he is murdered.  Jevin knows who the killer is and pursues him.  Jevin doesn’t give up and even when he gets back to the United States, he continues to pursue his own investigation in the murder as law enforcement seems unwilling to do anything.  With his girlfriend, Charlene, and best friend, Xavier Wray along with colleague Fionna McClury and her four children, Jevin uncovers much more than murder.  He performs his top-rated show at a first class hotel and narrowly escapes serious injury.  The owner of the hotel, billionaire Clive Fridell, is aware of the almost injury and wants Jevin to cancel a show to give him time to focus.
Someone has hired Emilio’s killer.  Is it Akinsanya, Jevin’s nemesis from Placebo?  What is actually going on at the Air Force Base at Groom Lake?  Does Area 51 actually exist?  Xavier, Jevin’s special effects man and best friend is a fount of knowledge on government conspiracy plots and has a truckload of information.  Soon they discover a link between Emilio and the Groom Lake facility.  What does young Tim at Fuller Medical Center have to do with Emilio?  While trying to discover the answers, Jevin meets Solomon, a very bad guy involved in prostitution as well as other unsavory business dealings.  He respects Jevin’s search for justice and helps him out with some information.
While there is nonstop action and thrills as with any Steven James book, I didn’t care for a few of the sexual references or situations (no specific details are given); thus the 4-star rating instead of 5-star rating.  Otherwise, the story raises some very interesting questions about life and how it is changing with the addition of artificial intelligence, and if anyone has the right to put himself in the position of God.  The amount of research the author did into this topic as well as illusions and magic is phenomenal.  This story is not for the weak of heart as the tension is ratcheted up with every chapter.  There is a bit of gruesomeness as well, so be prepared.  I enjoyed the timeline employed as it keeps readers on the edge of their seat to see if the protagonist can come to the rescue in time.  I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.
My rating is 4 stars.
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