Snow on Tulips

Title:  Snow on the Tulips
Author:  Liz Tolsma
Pages:  314
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Absolutely fantastic!  Those were the first words I thought when I finished reading this excellent book by Liz Tolsma.  The fictional story is set during WWII and centers on the Dutch Resistance Movement against the Germans and their occupation of the Netherlands.  If this isn’t one of your favorite time periods, please allow your dislike to be put aside for this story.
As the story begins, Gerrit Laninga is being marched to his execution as he has been captured by the German Gestapo and found guilty of sedition against Germany, which carries the death penalty.  Gerrit has maintained his faith in God throughout the many difficult trials and circumstances he has found himself in over the last few years as a resistance worker.  Will the Lord deliver him yet again?
Johan Kooistra is a young, 20-year-old, Dutch male who, until recently, had been hiding on his uncle’s farm to escape the Germans, who are on the lookout for any able-bodied male between the ages of 17 and 45 to serve the Fatherland.  Johan longs for adventure and thinks the Dutch Resistance can provide the adventure and he can serve his country at the same time.  As the story progresses, Johan is constantly at odds with his sister, Cornelia, and others who don’t want him to join the resistance, but want him to stay in hiding.  Johan is out disobeying the German curfew one night and finds a wounded man.  He takes the man home to be nursed by his sister.
Cornelia de Vries is 24 years old and has been a widow for four years.  Her husband was killed the day after they were married.  The Germans have occupied her country for so long, and they have defeated her spirit.  They have taken so much from her, but she will not allow them to take her brother.  She fiercely defends him.  She wants nothing to do with the wounded man Johan brings home, but knows it her Christian duty to care for him.  Without her care, he will die.  She reluctantly agrees to take him in, but as soon as he is better he must go.  As time goes by, she discovers she cares for this man, but she can never give her heart to another, right?
This story has got romance, drama, suspense and so much more.  I was just awed by the author’s “Story Behind the Story” that tells of her book being based on a member of her own family’s life.  Some of what happens in the story happened in real life.  I was just humbled by how much various people in the story risked to help others be free.  I am so very thankful for the armed men and women who serve the United States so that I can enjoy being free.  Thank you, Liz for writing this touching and heartwarming story.  I learned about a subject I didn’t know anything about and was reminded that God can be trusted with all my fears as he holds me in the palms of His hands.  I highly recommend this novel, and am looking forward to her next book, Daisies Last Forever, due to be released in May 2014.
My rating is 5 stars.
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