Soul of The Rose

Title:  The Soul of the Rose
Author:  Ruth Trippy
Pages:  337
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
This is just a lovely romantic story set in Massachusetts in 1876.  If you are looking for action, then this isn’t the book for you.  It is a charming romance set in a time that some of the more romantic of us long for, but one that has passed on.  There is also a potential murderer thrown in!
Celia Thatcher has been sent to live with good friends, the Chestleys, of her parents upon the death of her best friend, a friend with whom Celia had yet to share the gospel.  Celia is really having a hard time coming to terms with her role or lack thereof in her friend’s faith.  Celia is put to work in a bookstore, which she finds as no work at all as she loves books and soon is charming all the customers with her intelligent dialogue.  She participates in the local book discussion group and gains the attention of two different men as suitors.  She has a deep faith in the Lord and can defend her faith intelligently without condescension or condemnation.
Edward Lyons is the town hermit.  It hasn’t always been this way.  Since the death of his wife at a young age, suspicion has run rampant that he might have killed his young wife.  He only comes out at night and keeps to the company of his books rather than people.  He is quickly drawn to Celia’s quick mind and thorough thoughts on various books as well as religion and science.  He is a man who has been avoiding God and soon sees that Celia is a woman who embraces Him.  Edward feels he is the only man who can truly appreciate Celia for her mind and not just her beauty.  He has a rival in courting her in Charles Harrod, a young law student who also garners Celia’s attention with his discussion of books and a take on religion that Celia has never heard before.  Does Charles really want Celia for herself?  Will Celia choose the older Edward over young Charles?
I thought this book had very good dialogue between characters and the way the rose theme was woven throughout was done smartly.  Added to the romance is also some mystery surrounding one of the characters.  I loved the interaction between Mr. and Mrs. Chestley and their willingness to show affection for one another.  The language and/or phraseology may make some readers slow down to decipher the meaning, but the story is worth the time.  The thoughts and beliefs discussed will make readers think, something every good book should do for readers.  I hope to read more books by Ruth Trippy and commend her for her well-written and interesting story.
My rating is 4 stars.
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