Strait of Hormuz

Title:  Strait of Hormuz
Author:  Davis Bunn
Pages:  336
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany Publishers
A captivating story filled with suspense and action, with both the physical and spiritual battles as part of the plot is presented in this exciting novel.  Here is the conclusion of the story of the characters first introduced in Lion of Babylon followed by Rare Earth, both authored by Davis Bunn, and what a conclusion it is too!  A plot that has political intrigue with Israel and its allies on one side and unidentified enemies on the other ramps up the tension.  The threat of war starting seems so viable that all that is needed is physical evidence, the one thing no one has to pass on to their superiors.
The forces in the cloak and dagger world that at first seem easy to mark as enemies might not turn out to be the true threat at all.  So how does Marc Royce work, along with intelligence agents from other countries, to find the parts of nine bombs that have gone missing?  The moment he enters a gallery, hearing unnatural sounds and then is hauled into the local police station for questioning after a bomb detonates, Marc finds himself in the middle of a tug of war between Swiss intelligence and local police.  Not only is the tug of war local, it is across the ocean in Washington where one man wants Marc to ferret out the bombs while others in power want Marc to be off the case and ordered to return to home base.
Throughout the three novels, a romance is blossoming between Marc and Kitra, one a citizen of Israel and the other America, with neither willing to give up their jobs for the other.  As the reader advances through the plot, the climax heightens and I guarantee the heart races, wanting to know how all the clues collected come together to form the complete picture of the looming threat many are sure is fast approaching.
I cannot recommend high enough Strait of Hormuz.  As I was reading, I couldn’t help but occasionally see how the fictional scenes of political or military one-up manship were a mirror to reality.  At times it was like watching a chess game, wondering which pieces (characters) were going to be caught or killed or if they were going to advance and help bring an end, if possible, to the threat of the annihilation of Israel.
While the audience could read this separately from the previous novels, I think the story will be appreciated more if read in sequence.  However, if all you read is this one book, the intrigue along with action and adventure will be worth the time made to spend curled up reading Davis Bunn’s work.
My rating is 5+ stars!
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