The Cutting Edge

Title:  The Cutting Edge
Author:  Ace Collins
Pages:  336
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Abingdon
A young woman comes home to seek approval or is she looking for justification about a decision she has made mentally, but not acted on.  She is about to come against the biggest threat of her life.  While not making anyone aware she is on her way home, just waiting for a cab, Leslie Rhoads finds herself ensnared in a trap that leads her down an unbelievable and unforeseeable life-altering experience.
Meg is an ER nurse who is Leslie’s cousin and is shocked when a young woman near death is wheeled into the emergency room.  She calls up from deep within herself the ability to hold herself together while seeing such brutality.  What she later realizes is that she knows the patient, and the patient has been running away from her life in the small town of Springville for years.
Leslie’s mother is a character almost beyond description and is not the most caring or compassionate mother when she first sees the scars left by the assault to her daughter; all she can see is lost money.  As hours turn into days and days into weeks, the police are stumped and not sure how to proceed.
In the meantime, as Leslie vainly tries to end her suffering, she is engaged with a little patient in the same hospital who suffers similar pain.  Is the pain merely skin deep or does it go all the way into the soul of the victim?  Will those who did such a violent act ever be brought to trial?
By the way, a high school flame comes to visit Leslie just after her first surgery and she is unable to view anything other than blue eyes.  Leslie believes she is “ugly” through and through and if Hunter is interested in her it is a missionary date and nothing more, but is it?  For those who don’t know what missionary dating is, it is going out with someone for reasons other than relationship interest.
So many characters bring this novel to life that the reader might even forget this isn’t reality!  Each time I started a new chapter the climax kept building as the reader knows that the antagonist isn’t simply going to disappear.  The questions beg to be asked of how will he or she be caught and brought to justice through good police work or cooking oil? Now you might want to know what I mean by police work and cooking oil, it is clue which will be understood once the novel is read!
Since Leslie can no longer be a model and believes she has no other life beyond her past endeavors, as well as no high school diploma, what are her options?  Where is her faith in the Lord and does she trust Him to bring about the healing of her heart along with the deepest desires of her heart?
Another must read from this author!  Loved it!
My rating is 5+ stars.
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