Thursday, December 19, 2013

Are We There Yet?

Title:  Are We There Yet? (The Ultimate Road Trip: Adopting & Raising 22 Kids!)
Author:  Hector & Sue Badeau
Pages:  416
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Carpenters Son Publishing
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
Right off let me tell you this is one book that will challenge your heart, mind and life so be prepared! If that is possible, because I sure wasn’t though I am so glad to have read about ordinary people trusting, believing and experiencing life with an awesome God!  First, let me share that there are three websites you can visit to learn more about this family:,, and finally
Written as if the readers are sitting in the room with Sue and Hector, the stories are told in present tense which makes it really captivating to read.  At times I felt like what was occurring was almost surreal, unbelievable and yet it really happened.  As I read, my heart was moved in ways I find hard to describe to readers.  I am challenged to believe in a big God for the journey He has me on, as the authors have for their own journey.
Sue is the main author, but there are a couple of places where Hector shares his heart in sections titled, “From a Fathers Heart”.  Anyone who has been exposed to caring for kids of all ages can attest to the constant changes, challenges and rewards that come with each child.  I simply am beside myself when I read of two people taking vows, never imagining what their future would hold.  Even if they imagined it, I doubt this journey comes close to what they thought it would be.  I look forward to staying connected through their website to see what comes in future from the seeds planted in their family.
Visit the websites and see the video clips, photos, and news links, contact the authors or sign the guestbook!  What a testimony this family and their descendants will have!  I am sure they can read Hebrews chapter 12 verse 1 and see how Sue and Hector are among the cloud of witnesses.  They attest to joys, sorrows, giving, losing, hurdles, struggles, health, finances, but above all the faith that grew as each time they submitted to God’s plan for their lives.
At the very start, Sue shares how she has been called many things from “fool” to “saint” in her journey.  Some may pick up the book and think “I couldn’t do anything like that!” or even “I wouldn’t do anything like this!”  Either way this isn’t the standard by which we measure ourselves nor do the authors think anyone should.  They simply, humbly put before us the journey they have been on and are still on to this day.  Can you imagine what birthdays and holidays are like?  It may be total chaos, but sounds of joy and laughter fill the home, hearth and heart to overflowing.
I personally want to thank Hector and Sue for sharing their journey.  It is inspiring and challenging!  I wouldn’t have missed reading this for anything.  Their journey has stretched my faith muscles and had me shake my head in wonder.  There aren’t words to express what I feel, but I think you understand!
My rating is 5 stars.
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