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Joseph (Beyond the Coat of Many Colors)

Title:  Joseph (Beyond the Coat of Many Colors)
Author:  Mary Englund Murphy        
Pages:  208
Year:  2011
Publisher:  AMG Publishers
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
What draws you to a particular Bible study?  We know the Spirit leads us and speaks to us, so what catches your eye…the cover art or subject?  For me, sometimes I am not even sure what it is I am looking for in particular other than studying the Word and discussing it with a close friend.  Other times I want just to do it for my devotional time to go deeper into the Word, worshipping and drawing nearer to the One I love.
When I was looking at the subject matter of this study, it occurred to me that while I have read about Joseph in the Old Testament, never have I studied his life.  What does his life from ancient times have to say to me in current times?  Well, flipping through the pages I came across a particular quote that grabbed my heart and attention from the side of page 58, “Your pit may have been forced upon you by others, or be one of your own making.  Either way, God wants to deliver you.  He may not do it immediately, or the way He does it may not be to your liking, but God is faithful.”  Does that not speak to you, reminding us that God is faithful and that is where we need to focus?
Here is an eight-week study that will remind us who God is and encourage us to learn from someone who learned lessons first hand.  His testimony can spur us to finish our race well.  Not only will we learn about God and Joseph, the author, Mary Englund Murphy, shares her life experiences as well.  Mary will show us the truths that we can glean from Scripture can have an impact upon our hearts and cause us to fix our eyes on Jesus regardless of where our life is at this moment.
I have used many studies from AMG Publishers and therefore am familiar with the layout.  In case you never have, each week covers a certain topic/theme that includes questions broken down into five days.  There are no tapes or teaching DVD’s.  So, all any of us needs is a willing heart, open mind and if led to, someone to share the study with.  The tools are the study guide, Bible, and pens or pencils.  I write my answers in a notebook along with the date I do the study.  This way if at some point later down the road, I can use the guide again.  At times, I have even located my old notes and sat reading through the past alongside the present and many times humbled by what the Lord has done in my heart.
So let us be more like Mary who sat at the Lord’s feet and allowed nothing to take her attention away from the One who she loved and the One who loved her.  Why?  Before we knew we needed a Savior, He loved us and loves us still no matter what!
My rating is 5 stars.
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