Forgotten Road

Title:  Forgotten Road
Author:  Randall Arthur      {}
Pages:  596
Year:  2012
Publisher:   Life Image Publishers
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
It is well worth the time taken by readers to read and enjoy this novel.  I believe that many who enjoy a novel that grabs the mind along with the heart will relish some of the themes presented here.  One of the encouraging thoughts of the book is the way some characters talk honestly about their walk with the Lord and health of the church.  Secondly, I enjoyed the writing because it showed how tragedy can come in the believer’s life along with some of the consequences of making incorrect choices, as well as how to handle the deep pain and grief, but also how God uses it for His glory.
There is also within the pages the truth of giving to others like Christ and not living with an entitlement mentality.  Along with this theme is the challenge to acknowledge how the entitlement teachings have contaminated the church.  Some may think that once a character receives wrong instruction there can’t ever be redemption through true Biblical teaching, but in this work of fiction we see a character learn to do just that and more.
It was good to see how being saturated in the Word and surrounded by believers can bring about healing along with a new direction in life.  To me, this is what God can do:  He can take something Satan or life means to take out of believers and instead raise them up to do what, without that lesson, they would never imagine being able to accomplish.  The main idea I found encouraging while reading is how we need to live, giving our lives away, doing what God has blessed us with instead of using it to serve the flesh.
The more I read, the more I pondered what the author was sharing through various scenes and characters.  While parts were hard to read because they brought heartache, other parts showed God healing the pain and bringing new life to the heart of His children.  Here is a novel that does reflect some of the real situations and feelings I have experienced in my walk with the Lord and as a member of the Body of Christ.  I sure hope people take the time to read, enjoy and ponder the themes gleaned from Forgotten Road, then give a copy away so others can take the worthwhile journey through the pages!
My rating is 5+ stars.
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