Friend Me...a must read from a new author!

Title:  Friend Me (A Novel of Suspense)
Author:  John Faubion
Pages:  368
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Howard Books
Let me introduce to you a brand new author with his first novel now in print titled, Friend Me.  His name is John Faubion and what he has written will grab your attention and keep your heart racing with each page turned!  The suspense-filled drama begins with thoughts from Melissa who is currently interviewing with a new company.  The company is taking the idea of FaceBook farther than anyone ever expected.  In fact, the premiere software writer turns up dead before the company’s idea takes off under the logo Virtual Friend Me.
As I was reading, it wasn’t hard to imagine the possibility of the software being a reality along with the positives and negatives of the program.  Melissa answers only to the CEO of the company, with many of her subordinates making the goals of the company a reality.  Only something doesn’t seem quite right about Melissa, something dark in her past that she has worked hard to keep hidden.
Scott and Rachael are married with two young children.  Scott works for a financial firm and Rachael is a stay-at-home mom.  When the stress begins to build at work for Scott, he brings it home expecting Rachael to be his everything.  What Scott does is allow Rachael to create a virtual friend which she bases on a friend who passed away a couple years earlier, hoping to fill the void in her heart.  When Scott sees how much Rachael is helped, he starts down the same path on a separate account with Virtual Friend Me.  From this point on, the climax, tension and mystery continue to heighten until it all becomes no longer hidden from others and someone’s life clearly is meant to be ended.
Does this have your attention?  I sure hope so because as I progressed through the story there were times I wanted to put the story down, but knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until resolution of the tale was known.  One of the reasons I believe it kept me on edge and in constant anticipation was the thought of how the story could become a reality.  Why?  Well, any time man tries to fill the void of his heart with anyone or anything other than God, the door for going astray is flung wide open.  Secondly, I believe one of the themes in the novel is how mankind can replace real people and relationships with electronic ones.
Just like the characters in the tale had choices that bring dire consequences or blessings, it is true for mankind too.  We can choose to live according to the Word of God and when we fail, repent while having someone hold us accountable.  We can choose to shut out the voice of the Spirit and be open to the deceitfulness of our thoughts then make our decisions without knowledge of the true consequences that come when we disobey Him.  Don’t pass up reading this heart-stopping novel!
My rating is 5+ stars.
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