Lock, Stock and Over a Barrel

Title:  Lock, Stock, and Over a Barrel, a Dear Daphne novel
Author:  Melody Carlson
Pages:  304
Year:  2013
Publisher:  B&H Publishing Group
Daphne Ballinger is living the big life in New York City.  She works at the New York Times, lives downtown and is young and single…not!  Daphne is in a rut, but it takes the death of her aunt to make her realize how stuck she is.  She is still recovering from a broken heart from a relationship that occurred almost 10 years ago.  She hasn’t dated anyone since.  She does not socialize with anyone, except a former colleague occasionally.  Upon her aunt’s death, she travels back to her hometown to attend the funeral.  She hasn’t seen her father in two years.  She has rarely returned home.  Her mother died when Daphne was five and her aunt Dee became her surrogate mother.  Aunt Dee taught her how to cook, clean and instilled in her a love of books and writing.
At the reading of her aunt’s will, Daphne is flabbergasted at the outcome.  She learns that the aunt she was named after kept many secrets.  Now, Daphne must decide whether or not to keep the secrets as well.  Daphne wants to find true love, but doesn’t want the pressure her aunt’s will has imposed on her.  Before she realizes it, Daphne has met several single men that might or might not be interested in her.  After a month though, no one has asked her out on a date.  Will she be able to meet her aunt’s requirements to keep the house?  Daphne decides to quit her job, move back home to Appleton and write a book.  She wakes up to the fact that she hasn’t really been enjoying life.  She now is willing to take some risks.  Is she ready to risk her heart again?  Can an old flame be reignited?
I loved the description of the town of Appleton; it made me want to move there!  I also liked reading out how Daphne decorated the house, making it her own.  It was also good to see her reconnect with her best friend from home.  I would have liked more action and tension as the story seemed to drag in parts, but maybe with the next installment that will happen.  The second book in the series, Dating, Dining, and Desperation is due to be released in March 2014.  I will also be reviewing that book on this site.
My rating is 4 stars.

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