Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trapped Book #2 by Irene Hannon

Title:  Trapped (Private Justice Series #2)
Author:  Irene Hannon
Pages:  380
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
After reading the first book in this series and enjoying it tremendously, I couldn’t wait to start book two!  I was not disappointed with this fast-paced story of a teenage runaway and her sister’s search for her.  Laura Griffith is a 33-year-old librarian who has recently been made ward for her 16-year-old stepsister, Darcy.  They seem to argue all the time and get on each other’s nerves.  Darcy is fed up with this, missing her home town of New York City.  She decides to leave St. Louis and live with a friend of a friend in Chicago.  She chooses her time of departure poorly as a blizzard descends on St. Louis and she has transportation to leave the city.  She ends up in a homeless shelter and meets another drifting teen.  Both girls decide to take up the nice guy’s offer of a real bed and shower for a couple of days until the weather clears.
Laura frantically searches for her sister, but she has no success.  When the police don’t offer much help, she hires the Phoenix Detective Agency.  Her main contact on the case is James Devlin.  They both know that the first 48 hours after a runaway are crucial to success.  As they follow every lead, they slowly begin to realize that Darcy may not be able to be found.  Laura refuses to give up.  She and Dev keep searching and stumble upon a person of interest.  While the case heats up, so do Laura and Dev’s feelings for one another.  Dev won’t date her while her case is still active as it is against company policy.  Both are anxious to have the case over, Darcy home and their relationship underway when Laura receives a phone call that will change her life.
I enjoyed the faith values Laura clung to amidst the boring part of the investigation as well as the dangerous part.  She is a strong and persistent woman.  As I noticed in the first book, I admired the relationship between the three owners of the detective agency.  I loved their camaraderie and teasing, but when one is in trouble, the other two drop whatever they are doing and help their beleaguered colleague.  The story had a great plot, lots of action and a romance too.  The third installment in the series is due to be released in the summer of 2014 titled Deceived and is on my “must read” list.  There is so much going on readers will be turning pages as fast as possible to see what happens next! 
My rating is 5 stars.

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